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Top 10 reasons why digital transformation is essential for business growth


Regardless of the industry or sector, embracing the emerging trends, cultural shift, and the latest technologies helps enhance productivity and maintain sustainable growth. As more businesses and people leverage the power of digital transformation, transformative technologies are making their way into the workplace at an unimaginable speed. These include all transformative technologies offering the change that businesses need to thrive and survive in this competitive digital era.

Digital transformation has brought new ways that help businesses engage with their customer base, collaborate with other enterprises, and bring more innovation to the workforce. According to studies, global spending on digital transformation will hit $2.3 trillion in 2023, which means that many organizations are viewing the process as a long-term investment.

Here we look at the top 10 reasons why digital transformation is essential for business growth.


1. Enhanced customer experience

With the latest technological advancement, customers expect to enjoy the same experience they have in their personal lives in a professional environment. This has forced businesses to invest in agile networking capability and agile hybrid IT services and ways to help improve the user experience when engaging with the customer.

Digital transformation helps businesses meet increasing customer demands and also maintain a competitive edge. Remember, customers, search for products online first before making a purchase. Therefore, digital transformation will help your businesses be more appealing more to them, which will grow your customer base.

2. More effective employees

When it comes to business growth, workforce engagement is a crucial thing that needs to be addressed if any business is serious about thriving in its industry. Businesses are looking for modern ways to help enhance productivity. Digital transformation plays an important role in making employees more effective while handling their primary roles.

Moreover, investing in digital technology allows organizations to switch from manual processes in core business functions, such as HR and finance. Digital transformation offers a valuable opportunity for businesses to automate important areas like payroll, allowing the management to focus on key business opportunities.

3. Strengthen business partnerships

With the increasing competition within the industries and customers’ demands, businesses are increasingly becoming more reliant on each other. Digital transformation enables businesses to engage with suppliers, specialized consultants, sub-contractors, and distributors to develop diverse services and products that interest their customers.

Digital technology offers document-based communication to help your businesses manage these valuable partnerships, which offers a solution to a process seen as an obstacle to efficiency in the past. For instance, a business can use an eSignature system to create a more transparent, accurate, timely, and streamlined workflow to bridge the mobile technology gap.

4. Digitized economy

The increasing digitalization of the enterprise world and other aspects of life is another reason why digital transformation is essential for business growth. Most data in businesses today is stored as digital, making it necessary for organizations to invest in reinventing processes and systems to reflect the emerging trend. There are several innovations in the digital space that would make any business undergo digital transformation.

For instance, the introduction of 5G networks in digitalized economies will bring lots of opportunities for the economy and force a business to adjust to the new trend. Moreover, the rapid growth in the number of organizations using software-as-a-service (SaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and cloud computing is another reason why digital transformation is essential for business growth in this digital era.

5. Reducing IT complexity and improve the process

Most organizations choose to invest in digital transformation to enhance important processes in their business. Undergoing full digital transformation is important as businesses leverage the power of a digitally enabled environment. Digital transformation may be a difficult project, but it comes with undoubtedly unbound potential to promote business growth.

Old IT systems are fragmented, which results in a lack of data transparency or efficiency. Therefore, companies with such systems should undergo a digital transformation to reduce their operational costs, improve the process and reduce IT complexity.

6. Improved decision making

Digital transformation allows businesses to leverage the benefits of data and analytics by taking advantage of big data. With technological advancement, enterprises have access to bigger volumes of data due to the Internet of Things than before. Investing in the right analytical tools helps convert available data into impactful business insights to make quick and informed decisions that promote business growth.

Companies should ensure that analytical tools are fully embedded in their operations to enhance integration and their impact on business growth. Leveraging the power of big data with AI-based technologies that sift through data at unimaginable speed and modernize existing applications offer much-needed support to the leader while making a decision that leads to business growth.

7. Improved data security

The major challenge for most companies is trying to keep the data accessible to the right people while keeping it secure. Digital transformation provides data compliance, access, and modern ways of shielding your data from attacks, especially in this digital era. Companies should invest in advanced networks to ensure that their staff is not forced into relaxing some of the stringent security measures to achieve faster speeds and flexibility.

Additionally, any progressive business needs to adopt a security strategy in all data, applications, and networks. CIOs should also partner with technology and business partners that understand complex objectives to leverage digital transformation benefits to achieve sustainable business growth.

8. Change the business culture

Digital technology is getting into the business world at an alarming rate. Therefore, businesses stuck with the traditional culture that does not support the tech world’s emerging trends are likely to find it hard to experience sustainable growth. Digital transformation allows companies to reinvent a culture that does not promote productivity or sustainable growth.

Some of the examples of changes in business culture through digital transformation include:

  • Adopting data visibility culture, accountability, and transparency
  • Changing the approach to project management for software development or product releases; for instance, switching from a waterfall to agile-based approach
  • Promoting startup mentality by starting a new company with an oversight management
  • Introducing a lean management culture

9. Structuring for business growth

Most companies undergo digital transformation to help in restructuring their businesses for scale and growth. Lack of appropriate systems and structure cause businesses to suffer from their growth, which negates the benefits. In digitized economies, businesses have to adopt robust digital systems that meet the digital needs.

Investor acquisitions, direction, and merges could make businesses consider digital transformations. For instance, mid and small-sized companies may decide to make themselves operationally attractive by implementing a powerful IT strategy to owe investors in supporting their goals.

10. Maintaining a competitive edge

With technological advancements, companies are forced to undergo digital transformations to thrive and survive in the competitive market. Digital transformation allows your business to maintain a competitive edge over the rivals in your industry. For instance, cloud computing and the internet have led to the emergence of companies like Amazon, Uber, and Salesforce who have disrupted their industries.

Digital transformation helps the existing players be up-to-date with the latest trends to avoid being overtaken by their innovative competitors. Therefore, the changing external forces are another reason why digital transformation is essential for business growth.


Digital transformation is no longer a choice but an important business strategy that every organization should strive to undergo to experience sustainable growth and also retain a competitive edge. The urgent need for digital transformation has brought a wide range of challenges that have overwhelmed IT leaders. However, with technology advancement, more connected devices and more business applications are modifying the role to meet the digital needs. More companies focus on switching from traditional methodologies after realizing why digital transformation is essential for business growth.

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