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Tips to increase your vape pen’s battery life

When people are shopping for a new phone or laptop, battery life is one of their foremost considerations. Shopping for a vaping device is no different, especially since most e-cigarettes now come equipped with lithium-ion batteries as opposed to disposable ones.

There’s a lot of batteries to choose from. MyFreedomSmokes, for example, offers 10 different types. Most are good for about 300 charges, offering between 500 and 1000 puffs per charge, depending on the size of the battery (and the size of the puffs). On average, you’ll have to charge your device every day or two.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of functional hacks you can use to extend the life of your e-cig battery.

1. Turn off your device when you’re not using it

Many people have gotten into the habit of leaving their electronic devices all the time, regardless of whether they’re in use. This makes sense for a mobile phone since turning it off could mean missing important calls or texts, but not for an e-cigarette. As with a TV or radio, there’s no need to leave your vaporizer on when you’re not using it. Doing so drains the battery more than you might think.

2. Don’t wait until your battery is dead to recharge it

We tend to forget that batteries expend energy every time they recharge. Recharging a dead battery requires far more energy than recharging a battery that’s at, say, 50 percent. If you want to increase general battery life, try not to let it dip below 40 percent before charging it back up.

3. Refrain from overcharging

With older technology, overcharging resulted in overheating and caused serious damage to batteries. It was even a fire hazard. While these things don’t happen with modern devices, overcharging your e-cig will still reduce the battery’s overall lifespan. It’s a good idea to unplug your vape mod just before it reaches 100 percent.

4. Use your e-cig on a regular basis

It may seem counter-intuitive, but long periods of downtime can negatively affect your battery. Modern batteries are designed for regular use. Even if you’re not a big-time vaper, try to use your e-cig at least once a day.

5. Keep your e-cig clean

Like all devices, e-cigarettes perform best when they are clean. If you let dust and grime build up on the inside your vaporizer, everything from your draw to your battery life will suffer. So be vigilant and clean your e-cig routinely.

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