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The Lost Bee Level of Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The Lost Bee Level of Super Mario Bros. Wonder

In the latest adventure of the world’s most beloved plumber, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, players were set to experience an unprecedented level of creativity and innovation. However, not all that was conceived made it into the final cut, including a particularly intriguing level that could have changed the game’s landscape significantly.

Key Highlights:

  • The game, released for the Nintendo Switch, brought fresh mechanics and a new game engine, emphasizing surprises and wonder.
  • A level involving Mario nearly being decapitated by bees was conceptualized but ultimately removed from the final version.
  • This decision may reflect Nintendo’s ongoing commitment to keeping the game accessible and enjoyable for all ages, focusing instead on innovation within a family-friendly framework.
  • Despite this, the game boasts over 2,000 ideas generated during development, showcasing Nintendo’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of 2D platforming.

Development Insights

The creation of Super Mario Bros. Wonder was a monumental task that aimed to reinvigorate the classic 2D platformer with modern twists and surprises. The development team, led by veteran designers like Tezuka and Hayashida, was determined to inject a sense of wonder into the game, reminiscent of the original Super Mario Bros.. To achieve this, they shifted away from the New Super Mario Bros. series’ engine, opting instead for a new foundation that would set the stage for future 2D Mario games​​.

This innovative spirit led to a collaborative brainstorming process, gathering over 2,000 gameplay ideas from various team members. Among these was the concept of dynamic level transformations, moving away from traditional warp zones to more direct course alterations. This idea of bending the game’s reality became a core element of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, marking a departure from the series’ established norms​​.

The Cutting Room Floor Revelations

While the bee level’s specifics are shrouded in mystery, what’s clear is its absence from the final game. This decision underscores the challenges faced during development, balancing creativity with the series’ hallmark accessibility. The Cutting Room Floor, a website dedicated to uncovering unused content in games, provides insight into other levels and features that were reworked or omitted from the final release​​. This includes level adjustments and the existence of demo leftovers, highlighting the iterative nature of game development.

A Focus on Exploration and Fun

Super Mario Bros. Wonder sets itself apart by eliminating traditional game constraints like time limits and scores, allowing players to explore at their leisure. This decision supports the game’s overarching goal to astonish and delight players, encouraging engagement with the game world in a more relaxed and exploratory manner​​.

The exclusion of the bee level from Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a testament to Nintendo’s meticulous development process, emphasizing creativity, fun, and accessibility. While not all ideas make it to the final product, the game’s reception and the wealth of innovations it introduces signify a successful endeavor in redefining what a 2D Mario game can be. As players continue to uncover the wonders of Mario’s latest adventure, the spirit of innovation and surprise remains at the heart of the experience.


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