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Tesla Cybertruck Takes Second Place to Ford F-150 Lightning in March 2024 Registration Data

Tesla Cybertruck Takes Second Place to Ford F-150 Lightning in March 2024 Registration Data

Recent registration data for electric pickup trucks shows the Ford F-150 Lightning leading the market, with the Tesla Cybertruck securing a strong second place. According to S&P Global Mobility, the Ford F-150 Lightning had 2,893 registrations in March 2024, significantly outpacing its competitors, including the newly launched Tesla Cybertruck, which recorded 1,158 registrations during the same period​.

Ford F-150 Lightning Dominates the Market

The Ford F-150 Lightning has become the most popular electric pickup truck, thanks in part to substantial price cuts that have made it more accessible to consumers. The Lightning’s starting price of $57,090 makes it one of the more affordable options in the market, contributing to its impressive sales performance. This price point, combined with Ford’s established reputation and extensive dealer network, has helped the F-150 Lightning appeal to a broad range of buyers​​.

Tesla Cybertruck’s Strong Debut

Despite its unconventional design and higher price point, the Tesla Cybertruck has quickly become a significant player in the electric truck market. In its fourth month of availability, the Cybertruck recorded over 1,000 registrations, demonstrating strong demand despite its polarizing aesthetics. The starting price for the Cybertruck is $60,990, but many of the initial models sold have been part of the more expensive Foundation Series, pushing the average transaction price higher​.

Comparative Performance of Rivian and Other Competitors

The Rivian R1T, which had led the market alongside the F-150 Lightning in previous years, saw a considerable decline in registrations, recording only 548 in March. This marks a significant drop compared to its past performance, attributed partly to its higher starting price of $71,700. Meanwhile, the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Hummer EV have struggled to gain similar traction, with 319 and 192 registrations respectively​.

Quarterly Overview and Market Insights

Looking at the first quarter of 2024, the Ford F-150 Lightning had a total of 8,589 registrations, an increase of 51% from the same period in the previous year. The Tesla Cybertruck, despite being a new entrant, registered 1,791 units, solidifying its position as a significant contender in the EV truck market. The Rivian R1T, however, saw a sharp decline with 1,786 registrations, down 56% year-over-year​

The data indicates that while the Ford F-150 Lightning continues to lead the market, the Tesla Cybertruck’s strong entry suggests a growing appetite for diverse electric truck options. The varying price points and unique features of these vehicles are shaping consumer preferences, highlighting the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle market.


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