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Lightning Roulette Strategies – How to Play Lightning Roulette

Many gamers wonder how to consistently win at Lightning Roulette and how to choose smart tactics when making bets. Sometimes the players need to pay attention to the luck factor with intuition, which allows them to win really big amounts of money. However, they can also turn their backs on players who lose all the money they have earned.

Lightning Roulette Game Description

Lightning Roulette is unlike any other roulette game. It uses all the best elements of the extremely popular European roulette game combined with some unique, innovative features.

This unusual addition is the Lucky Number Multipliers. They range from one to five lucky numbers, which can increase winnings by 50x to 4999x. Each round, after the player has bet between 1 and 5 random numbers become lightning numbers assigned multipliers of 50 to 4999. And if the ball stops on that number, each player who bets on it multiplies his bet by the appropriate multiplier.

Game Features and Lucky Number Option

Lightning Roulette includes all the standard roulette elements and some additional features. There is a bespoke wheel, a professional live dealer greets players, and a full range of betting is offered.

However, in addition to these perks, the game also features Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. The gameplay is no different from European Roulette. The roulette wheel is divided into 37 cells – red and black with numbers from 1 to 36 and a green zero. What sets Lightning Roulette apart is, as the name suggests, speed and unique options.

This gives players a chance to win huge multiplier payouts. All a player has to do to win is to place a straight bet on that number.

The Basic Rules and Actions of Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette has a playing field with thirty-seven sectors, including values from one to thirty-six and a zero (0) sector. Once a player has made a deposit in their game account, they bet by covering the selected numbers on the playing field or a range of numbers with virtual chips.

Further, after all, bets are accepted, the “lightning bolt” will be triggered, which is used to determine the lucky sectors. The croupier will then launch the ball on the wheel, and the players only have to wait for it to stop by hitting one of the holes (the numbered cells on the wheel). Accordingly, the winning occurs when the ball stops in the sector on which the bet was made.

Lightning Roulette Strategies and Tips

Several of the best Lightning Roulette strategies can help to win. Below is a brief overview:

  • Choose straight bets

Stick to this side bet while playing lightning roulette at live casino sites. Remember that lucky number multipliers are only valid for numbers 0-36. For example, a player can bet $10 and win a whopping $5,000 with the maximum multiplier value.

  • Betting on even numbers any day

The odds of winning a straight bet on a regular roulette wheel are about 2.70%. So bet on even numbers such as odds/even, high/low, and red/black. These bets have an incredible 48.6% win rate.

  • Have a bankroll

Managing the bankroll is everything in gambling. Bet with money you can afford to lose and live without. Remember that losing sessions is more than gambling winnings. And most importantly, set a stop-loss limit on your total bankroll.

  • Consider using roulette betting systems

Once the players have set their bankroll, they research the best roulette betting systems they can use. While these systems do not necessarily guarantee success, they allow players to play within their budget and win a decent amount on a good day. High-stakes roulette players should use the Martingale system, which requires players to double their bets after losing.

  • Betting with casino bonuses

Bet with bonuses. Almost all of the best live casinos offer new and loyal players the chance to play the game library with free credits. For example, a live casino can give 50% up to $50 back for weekly losses. This means eligible players will win $25 after losing $50 during the week. That should be enough to push the players toward a few rounds of live roulette.