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Tago Arc Silver Bracelet Review

Tago Arc Bracelet surfaced in early 2015 when it was put up on Indigogo where the company managed to achieve 261% of their goal.  The Bracelet has seen shifts in hardware since then, the earlier iterations worked solely on NFC and drew power from it. Now the latest ones are battery powered with Bluetooth support for wider adoption.

Tago Arc Bracelet 2

The design hasn’t seen any major change, apart from a slight bump in the thickness to accommodate the battery and Bluetooth module.

Let us now dive straight into the review!

We have the Tago Arc Silver with us for review.

Box Contents

The box is of very good quality and you can get a sense of the amount of work that has been put in to make this product. There a ribbon to slide out the inner box from the shell. As soon as that is done you get to see the bracelet kept in a foam tray of sorts. Next to it is the Qi wireless charger. Underneath is a compartment which houses the USB cable for the charger and the documentation.

A complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • Tago Arc Bracelet
  • Qi Wireless charger
  • USB cable
  • Warranty and User Guide


The design is fairly and elegant, which you would expect from piece jewelry. The band is available in three different sizes, ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’. There is a choice between three colors, ‘Silver’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Black’. We have the Silver color with us. The outer casing is made out of metal, while the display sits on the top. The inner side of the band is made out of good quality plastic and above it are the electronic components tucked neatly.

Tago Arc Bracelet 3

The bracelet has a 13-inch curved e-ink display, which has good contrast. The earlier models of the band used NFC to power the band. This was done when the pattern was transferred from your smartphone to the bracelet. The newer generation of the band has a battery inside of it and support for Bluetooth for easy pattern transfer.

Overall we are quite impressed by the design and feel of the product.

Software and Final Thoughts

Accompanying the bracelet is an app which is used to set patterns and to check other parameters. Pairing the band via the app is easy and there’s support for both Android and iOS.

Using the app you can change patterns which are bundled in the app, there’s also a section from where users can buy patterns.

Tago Arc Bracelet 5

The bracelet features a 13 inch E-ink display which has good contrast. Perhaps the biggest selling point of this product is you buy a single band with an ability to change 1000’s of patterns. It is perfect for fashionistas as this bracelet stands out.

In terms of battery life, we didn’t get a need to charge the bracelet during our review period and it would be safe to say that the battery will last you months since the E-Ink displays don’t really need constant power to display patterns.


Tago Arc Silver – $299 (About Rs 27,000 after shipping and customs)


  • Elegant Design
  • Large E-Ink display
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Bluetooth


  • Bit costly (After adding Customs Charges)

Tago Arc Bracelet 2

Verdict – Should you go for it?

This is perhaps one of the best wearables you could in the market today. Its got a very elegant design, with a massive 13-inch curved e-Ink display with excellent battery life. It’s a dream gadget for fashion conscious people. The only gripe we have with this product is the price since it is being imported you would have to shell out a good chunk of money in shipping and customs fees.

Other than this we didn’t find any issues with the product and would totally recommend this product.