Home News Super Mario Run coming to iPhone and iPad on December 15

Super Mario Run coming to iPhone and iPad on December 15

Super Mario Run iPhone

As expected, Super Mario Run will be available for iPhone at $9.99 from December 15 onwards. According to sources, Nintendo will unveil Super Mario Run exclusively for iOS gadgets on December 15. This means you will be able to play the game on iPhone and iPad.

The Super Mario Run will be available in three game modes. However, you will be able to try one mode free of cost. If you would like to play the whole game, you will be required to shell out $9.99. In India, it will cost nearly Rs. 700 with additional service charges as per the latest guidelines issued by the Government.

The official AppStore Twitter handle has started to tease about the release of the upcoming Super Mario Run game.

According to industry analysts, the amount you are investing is worth to experience Mario on your iOS handset. It doesn’t hurt to give some money back to the developers for their hard work to entertain free time.

Based on the reports available so fast, the Super Mario Run will be available in 151 countries, which includes India. Furthermore, the game provides support for multiple languages such as English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and traditional Chinese.

If you visit www.apple.co/SUPERMARIORUN and tap on the Notify button, you will be able to get automatic notification when the game is available in your region.

As you can see from the Twitter feed, the game is set to hit both iPhone and iPad. In September 2016, Apple had announced the availability of the Mario game during the iPhone 7 event.

Right now, the Super Mario Run game will be available only for iOS platform. In future, we can expect Android version.

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