The SoundBot SB572 is a Bluetooth-powered wireless speaker targeted at budget buyers. Priced at under Rs.1,500, the speaker offers a wide array of features such as hands-free calling, wireless connectivity, as well as a built-in 3.5mm aux port. Besides, the device is promised to deliver a crystal-clear sound experience. I have been using the SoundBot SB572 for nearly a week now, let’s find out whether its features and performance make it a good buy?


The SoundBot 572 features a clean, minimalist design with smoothly rounded edges. It gets an oval-shaped, compact form factor that makes it ultra-portable. The construction seems solid, all thanks to the thick, tough outer rubber case that not only protects it from accidental drops, but also from accidental splashes of water. The USB charging port and 3.5mm jack are also covered in a rubber flap making them resistant to water.


The SoundBot SB572 comes with two 3W speakers and each speaker gets 52mm premium drivers. As already mentioned, it can be used either as a wired speaker or as a wireless one. It comes with wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, as well as a built-in 3.5mm aux port. Now, this is one of the speaker’s biggest plus points as most wireless speakers are devoid of wired connectivity.

All controls for music and taking calls are also placed conveniently on the top of the speaker making them easily accessible. Not to mention, it also offers hands-free calling which would come in real handy for a majority of users.

Sound Quality and Battery Life

As far as sound quality goes, the speaker leans more towards treble than the bass. I also found a significant amount distortion even at moderate volumes. The SoundBot SB572 is certainly not meant for audiophiles when it comes to sound quality. It does, however, gives adequate volume and decent sound quality for casual listening.

Elsewhere, the device’s Bluetooth connectivity is also spot-on. Pairing is simple and fast, and I was able to connect it with my iPhone without any hassles. Even the battery life is quite impressive. I got nearly 8 hours on the wireless connection. On wired connectivity, you can easily get around 10 hours of battery backup.

 The Verdict

While it does not sound as good as anything from Bose, which anyway happens to be an unfair comparison. But if you’re looking for a feature-loaded portable wireless speaker without breaking the bank, the Soundbot SB572 is a good compact wireless speaker for the price.

It offers everything you’d want from a portable wireless speaker that fits your budget. Sound clarity and volume levels are decent enough. Besides, its long-lasting battery and the ability to be used either as a wireless speaker as well as a wired one makes it a good buy for the price.