Some of Tesla’s Earliest Supporters Are Giving Up on the Stock

Tesla, once a darling of the stock market, is now seeing some of its earliest supporters losing faith. Amidst recent market fluctuations, key investors and analysts have started to reconsider their positions on Tesla’s stock.

Decline in Share Price

As of June 2024, Tesla’s stock has faced a significant decline, trading around $175, a drop from its January price of $248.48. This 29.5% decrease has raised concerns among investors about the company’s future performance​.

Factors Contributing to the Decline

Several factors are influencing the sell-off among early Tesla supporters:

  1. Earnings Report and Financial Performance: Tesla’s recent earnings report met analysts’ expectations but highlighted a slowdown in growth. The company reported $0.35 earnings per share on $21.30 billion in revenue, missing the forecasted $22.15 billion​​.
  2. CEO Elon Musk’s Influence: While Tesla owners continue to appreciate the cars, there is growing dissatisfaction with CEO Elon Musk’s management style. His controversial actions and statements have caused some investors to rethink their stakes​.
  3. Market Competition: The increasing competition in the electric vehicle market from traditional automakers like Ford and General Motors, as well as new entrants, is creating a more challenging environment for Tesla​​.

Institutional and Insider Transactions

Institutional investors and insiders have been adjusting their positions. Recently, DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale sold over 83,000 shares, and other firms have followed suit. These movements suggest a cautious approach from major stakeholders​​.

Analysts’ Perspectives

Analysts remain divided on Tesla’s future. Of the 33 analysts covering the stock, there are mixed ratings: 7 sell ratings, 17 hold ratings, and 9 buy ratings. The consensus suggests holding existing positions rather than increasing investments​​.

Future Outlook

Looking ahead, Tesla aims to release its next quarterly earnings in July 2024. Investors are keenly watching whether the company can regain its growth momentum and meet market expectations. The outcome of the shareholder vote on Musk’s compensation package will also be pivotal​​.

The recent sell-off by some of Tesla’s earliest supporters underscores the growing uncertainties surrounding the company’s stock. With significant challenges ahead, Tesla’s performance in the coming months will be crucial in determining whether it can regain investor confidence and sustain its market position.

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