Snorelax Alarm smart iOS app wakes you early in case of traffic jam

When you set up your alarm clock before you go to bed, you never take into account unforeseen factors which can delay your daily routine. There could be a traffic snarl or the vagaries of nature like the heavy downpour or a storm. Well, you can leave these concerns on a new iOS app called Snorelax.

Snorelax will wake you earlier if there is any traffic snare along your daily route which could delay your sojourn. The smart application takes into consideration all factors like real-time traffic conditions, accidents, constructions, and also past traffic data to predict how long it will take to reach your destination on a particular time. Of course, the app will have to be told the route you take daily, and once it is fixed, you can sleep with and extra peace of mind. Of course, you must not hit the snooze button too often or ignore the beeps of the application.

Download Snorelax here ($1.99)

The app considers past as well as real-time data to make the calibrations based on the driving experience of millions of users. If there is an unfortunate accident in the favorite route of the user, the app will take the ensuing delay into account and wake you earlier or suggest an alternate route.

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The app will also check the weather in the user’s location. The application is very simple, and it is very easy to set up the alarm clock. It could also serve as a simple alarm clock for example on Sundays when you want to remain in your bed late. The app also has awesome wallpapers which change according to seasons and the time of the day.

The real-time traffic data is available for North and South America, South Africa, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Australia. Users can also customize the alarms which can be repeated daily. One can also choose the many tones or can make your music. There is also an option for calendar integration which will ensure that you will never skip your business appointments.