Knocki is a tiny device that turns any surface into Smart Surface

Can you have the world at your feet with the clap of your hand? Well, we had the Clapper Internet of Things (IoT) device. However now we can have the world at our bidding with a knock. Introducing “The Knocki”, a device which makes any surface interactive by linking it with connected devices and then initiating it to do tasks based on knock patterns.

The device is much akin to the Clapper with a significant difference. Instead of sound detection, this invention relies on an accelerometer. It can pick on rhythms and so you need not worry that erratic knocks will unlock your smartphone or start your fire alarm.

knocki 1

Knocki, which was launched on Kickstarter on 1 July 2016, is available for pre-order. If you order early, you can get the device for $69, but it’ll eventually retail for $100. The company has raised $1,144,400 with 8,897 backers.

What tasks can the device perform?

Since it works on IFTTT, it can be safely included in the recipes which include other smart devices. The efficiency of the device also depends on upon the creativity of the users when it comes to programming. It will be especially helpful for kids as well as elders who can knock on the table or the wall to call a nurse or start the Television.

One can switch on the lights with a particular pattern of knock or start the AC with another pattern. The device based on the iOS and Android app and requires a Wi-Fi connection and four AAA-sized batteries.

The idea of the instrument came to co-founders Jake Boshernitzan and Ohad Nezer when they saw kids stacking boxes to reach a light switch, and this kindled the idea of Knocki. This small little device was the culmination of their efforts in the form of Knocki, which can turn any surface into a smart surface.

Check the video below: