Samsung’s Smartwatch Design Evolution: A Return to Square Roots

Samsung's Smartwatch Design Evolution
Samsung is rumored to consider a return to square smartwatches, potentially refreshing the design of its Galaxy Watch series as early as the Galaxy Watch 7 or in 2025.

In an intriguing turn of events, Samsung is rumored to be considering a major design overhaul for its next generation of Galaxy smartwatches by reverting to a square-shaped dial. This potential shift harks back to the company’s early ventures into the smartwatch market, signaling a significant departure from the circular design language that has become synonymous with the Galaxy Watch line in recent years.

Key Highlights:

  • Initial Square Designs: Samsung’s journey into the smartwatch arena began with the square-shaped Samsung Galaxy Gear in 2013, followed by subsequent models like the Gear 2 and Gear Live. These devices featured a square or rectangular dial design, marking Samsung’s initial design philosophy in the smartwatch domain.
  • Transition to Circular Dials: With the launch of the Samsung Gear S2 in 2015, Samsung introduced its first smartwatch with a circular dial, alongside a physically rotating bezel, which was well-received and became a defining feature of Samsung smartwatches.
  • Potential Return to Square Design: Recent rumors suggest Samsung might be exploring the possibility of returning to square or rectangular dials for future Galaxy Watches. The change could be implemented as early as the Galaxy Watch 7 series or possibly delayed until 2025.
  • Design Inspiration: The move to revisit square designs may draw inspiration from the company’s initial models and other market influences, with comparisons being drawn to the popular Apple Watch’s square dial, which has been praised for its efficiency in displaying information.

Samsung’s Strategy and Consumer Reception

The decision to potentially revert to a square design reflects Samsung’s willingness to innovate and adapt its product lineup in response to market trends and consumer preferences. While the circular design of Galaxy Watches has been popular among users for its aesthetic appeal and natural user experience, the introduction of a square-shaped watch could cater to consumers looking for a fresh design and a different way to interact with their wearable technology.

Why Go Back to Square?

There are several advantages to a square smartwatch design:

  • More Screen Space: A square display naturally offers more usable screen area compared to a round display of the same size. This could lead a better user experience for apps and watch faces.
  • Improved Readability: Square screens may be better suited to displaying text and notifications, making them easier to read at a quick glance.
  • Flexibility: Developers might find it easier to design apps and complications (watch face widgets) for a rectangular display.

The Future of Smartwatches

If Samsung does go ahead with a square Galaxy Watch, it could stimulate more diversity and innovation in the Android smartwatch market. While round watches offer classic aesthetics, square displays have their own practical advantages. Ultimately, offering consumers more choice is a win-win situation.

Samsung’s exploration of a square-shaped design for its upcoming smartwatches represents an exciting development in the wearable technology space. As the company weighs its options, the eventual design choice will likely reflect a blend of Samsung’s heritage in smartwatch design, current market trends, and consumer feedback. Fans of the brand and wearable enthusiasts alike will be keenly watching for official announcements in the months to come.

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