Samsung’s Affordable Foldable: What to Expect in Pricing

Samsung's Affordable Foldable
Discover how Samsung's new manufacturing method for foldable OLED panels might lead to more affordable foldable smartphones, making cutting-edge technology accessible to more people.

Samsung, a pioneer in foldable smartphone technology, is reportedly making strides towards offering more budget-friendly options in its Galaxy Z Fold lineup. This move could significantly lower the cost barrier for consumers interested in foldable technology but deterred by high prices.

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung is exploring ways to reduce production costs for its foldable smartphones.
  • A shift to inkjet printing for OLED panel bezels, previously made using micro dry decoration, could lead to substantial cost savings.
  • This cost-effective production method could allow Samsung to lower prices for its foldable phones, potentially making them more accessible to a wider audience.
  • The pricing strategy for these cheaper foldables has not been disclosed, but the anticipation is building for more affordable options in the foldable market.

Samsung’s initiative to cut costs in its foldable phone production comes at a time when the technology has been predominantly accessible to a premium segment due to high costs associated with innovative features and components. By adopting a new method for producing OLED panels—one that utilizes inkjet printing for bezels—Samsung Display aims to reduce expenses, which may enable Samsung to lower retail prices for its foldables​​.

The Push for Affordable Foldables

Despite their cutting-edge design and functionality, foldable phones remain a luxury item due to their high cost. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 starts close to $1,800, making it out of reach for many consumers. A more affordable model could dramatically expand the market for foldables, bringing the unique benefits of this form factor to more people.

How Will They Lower the Price?

To achieve a sub-$800 price tag, Samsung will likely need to make compromises in certain areas. We might see slightly older processors, less advanced camera systems, or potentially a smaller battery compared to the flagship Fold models. However, Samsung is known for its innovation and may find clever ways to preserve core foldable features while reducing costs.

Possible Names and Release Rumors

The potential names for this more affordable foldable are still swirling. It may be dubbed the Galaxy Z Fold Lite or even the Galaxy Z Fold SE. The device is rumored for a possible release sometime in 2024, potentially alongside the expected Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6.

The Future of Foldables

Samsung’s determination to create a more budget-friendly foldable underscores a broader industry trend. If successful, this move could accelerate the adoption of foldable technology, reshaping the smartphone market as we know it. It could push rivals like Oppo, Xiaomi, and Motorola to compete in the same price range, stimulating exciting developments in the foldable space.

While specifics about the pricing and release dates of these more affordable foldables remain under wraps, the potential for price reductions has sparked interest among tech enthusiasts and prospective buyers. The move signals Samsung’s commitment to not only leading in the foldable phone market but also making it more inclusive by addressing the cost barrier that has limited widespread adoption.

Samsung’s exploration of cost-reducing techniques signifies an important step towards democratizing foldable technology. While details are sparse, the prospect of cheaper foldable phones from Samsung could invigorate the market, offering consumers innovative smartphone experiences at more accessible price points. As the foldable market continues to evolve, these strategic shifts by industry leaders like Samsung are crucial in shaping its trajectory towards mainstream acceptance.


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