Samsung tried hard to cover Galaxy Note 7 explosion in China

Samsung reportedly bribed a Galaxy Note 7 customer by paying him $900 in cash in a bid to keep the explosion video secret. When Zhang Sitong was using his phone, it began to smoke badly. However, he threw the phone to the ground and his friend started to capture it.

According to Sitong, two employees from Samsung knocked the door of his house and offered him a brand new Galaxy Note 7 alongside $900 cash. When he asked for what purpose they are giving cash, the employees replied that he should not reveal the video publicly. They asked him to keep the video private. However, Sitong refused to accept the cash.

Here, Samsung has attempted to bribe a customer with a condition not to expose the explosion video. According to industry analysts, this is not in good spirits of a company like Samsung.

Meanwhile, Sitong said that he purchased the Galaxy Note 7 because Samsung had assured him that the handset was safe. In China, the company didn’t recall the phone since the units shipped to China includes different battery than the Note 7 available in other countries.

In the meantime, few customers are of the opinion that the handsets available in China were not safe. But they expressed anger since the company didn’t recall the Galaxy Note 7 in China.

Recently, Samsung initiated the second recall of the Galaxy Note 7 only to permanently kill the handset. Even though Samsung has not officially disclosed the reason for the recall, it was the problem with a battery which caused the whole fiasco.

Samsung is working hard to convince the customers about the fallout of the Galaxy Note 7. Moreover, they are in the process of recalling the handsets from nearly 2 million customers.