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Samsung sets up Galaxy Note 7 exchange booths at airports after ban

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After halting the sales and production of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company has setup exchange booths at airports around the world. Initially, Samsung has established booths at South Korea’s Incheon airport. However, Samsung has expanded the booths to several major airports such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Gold Coast.

According to sources, the exchange booths at the high-traffic terminals will function from 6 AM to 8 PM. The only exception is related to Canberra airport where the booth will close at 6 PM. In a statement, Samsung revealed that the company is planning to open exchange booths at airports in other countries as well.

As per information available from credible sources, Samsung has already started to open exchange booths in the US. According to a tweet posted by the San Francisco-based Broadcast Journalist Sergio Quintana, Samsung has posted a team of representatives at SFO to assist passengers with the Note 7 handset.

The main advantage of the exchange booth is that passengers who are carrying the potentially dangerous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be able to exchange the handset on the spot. They will be eligible to exchange the handset with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been banned from carrying during flight journey. The US government has categorically stated that it is illegal to carry Note 7 handset on airplanes due to the potential fire hazard. Meanwhile, several airlines around the world also banned Galaxy Note 7 inside flights.

If you had purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should return it to the seller for either a refund or exchange. The setting up of exchange booths could prevent frustration of people who are not aware of the ban. They can simply exchange Note 7 with other Samsung handset and travel safely.

Even though Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released well ahead of Apple iPhone 7, the Note 7 turned out to be a disaster. After getting rave reviews, the phone exploded around the world causing anger and trouble to customers. The replacement phones tagged as a safe also doesn’t work as per the expectations forcing Samsung to suspend production.

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