Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Receives Software Update with Camera Improvements

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Receives Software Update with Camera Improvements
Discover the latest software update for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, featuring security enhancements, camera improvements, and more. Learn how to upgrade.

Samsung continues to refine its flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra with a new software update. This firmware update aims to address user feedback regarding the camera, bringing several enhancements and optimizations. Additionally, it includes the latest April 2024 security patch for increased device protection.

Key Highlights:

  • Camera quality and processing improvements.
  • Enhanced low-light photography and color accuracy in ExpertRAW.
  • Improved text clarity when zooming in photo mode.
  • New resolution option for Instant Slow Mo mode.
  • Inclusion of the April 2024 security patch.

Samsung demonstrates its commitment to providing a continuously improving user experience with regular software updates for the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Since its release, several updates have addressed reported bugs and implemented new features. The latest update, labeled AXCA, focuses primarily on enhancing the device’s already impressive camera capabilities.

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While the official release notes mention standard stability improvements and the April 2024 security patch, user reports and Samsung’s own community forums reveal more specific changes:Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Software Update

  • Camera Optimization: Overall image processing has been refined, potentially leading to sharper, more color-accurate photos across various shooting modes.
  • ExpertRAW Enhancements: The ExpertRAW app, designed for advanced users, should now produce images with better color representation and reduced noise in low-light situations.
  • Zoom Clarity: Text within zoomed-in photos should appear significantly clearer, improving readability when capturing details from a distance.
  • Slow-Mo Upgrade: A new resolution option (480 x 480) has been added to the Instant Slow Mo feature, offering more flexibility for creative video capture.

While these improvements are a positive step, it’s important to manage expectations. These changes likely represent incremental refinements rather than a complete overhaul of the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera experience. Rumors suggest a more significant update is planned for later in April, specifically addressing white balance and telephoto image quality.

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About Galaxy S24 Ultra Software Update

OneUI Version: OneUI 6.1
Firmware Version: S928NKSU1AXCA/ S928NOKR1AXCA/ S928NKSU1AXC3
Software Update Size: 797.83MB
Security Patch Level: April 1, 2024

Availability and Installation

The AXCA update is currently rolling out in select European regions. Global availability is expected to expand in the coming days. To check for the update on your Galaxy S24 Ultra, navigate to Settings > Software update > Download and install.

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