Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Pro Video Mode: Near Perfection with One Missing Feature

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra purple colour

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra has set a new benchmark in smartphone videography with its Pro Video Mode, showcasing impressive capabilities that push the boundaries of mobile cinematography. However, amidst its array of advanced features, there’s a noticeable absence that slightly dims its otherwise stellar performance.

Key Highlights:

  • Exceptional video quality with 4K resolution at 60fps in HDR10+ format.
  • Comprehensive frame rates and formats, including a 960fps slow-motion mode.
  • Advanced color rendering and white balance improvements.
  • Effective noise reduction and video stabilization.
  • Slow autofocus response and white balance instabilities in certain conditions.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra purple colour

Introduction to Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Videography

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra brings to the table an advanced video mode that supports a wide range of frame rates and formats. Notably, it can record in 10-bit HDR footage videos, allowing for HDR rendering with compatible displays and apps. This feature provides a significant leap in creative flexibility for mobile video makers, making it a compelling choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Videography Excellence and Limitations

Advanced Video Features

The Galaxy S24 Ultra’s video mode excels in delivering high-quality footage with enhanced contrast and color quality, thanks to its HDR rendering capabilities. The device’s ability to maintain good noise reduction, effective video stabilization, and noticeable improvements in terms of color rendering and white balance is commendable.

Performance in Different Lighting Conditions

In controlled tests, the Galaxy S24 Ultra demonstrated excellent exposure and color accuracy across various zoom settings. Its dedicated long tele module ensures images remain vibrant and detailed, even at long-range telephoto distances. However, the camera’s performance reveals some limitations, such as unnatural detail rendering in landscape shots and noticeable noise in portrait shots under certain conditions.

The Missing Link: Autofocus Speed and Stability

Despite its many strengths, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Pro Video Mode is not without its flaws. One notable omission is the slow response time of the video autofocus, particularly noticeable when recording in bright light at 60fps. This can lead to focus-tracking issues, potentially impacting the quality of the captured footage. Additionally, the device sometimes exhibits white balance instabilities, especially in low light conditions, which can affect the overall video aesthetic.

Minor drawbacks of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Pro Video Mode

  1. Innovative Video Formats and Frame Rates: The Galaxy S24 Ultra supports a diverse array of video formats and frame rates, including an impressive 960fps slow-motion mode at 1080p, providing unparalleled creative freedom.
  2. HDR10+ Video Recording: The device’s ability to record in 10-bit HDR footage (HDR10+ mode) enhances video quality significantly, offering a wider range of colors and better contrast, suitable for professional-level video production.
  3. Detail Preservation Across Zoom Levels: The Galaxy S24 Ultra excels in maintaining high-quality details and accurate exposure even at extreme zoom levels, supported by its dedicated long tele module.
  4. Color Rendering and White Balance Accuracy: The smartphone shows noticeable improvements in color rendering and white balance, delivering more natural and vibrant colors across various lighting conditions.

A Step Away from Perfection

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Pro Video Mode stands out as a formidable tool in the realm of smartphone videography, offering a suite of advanced features that cater to the demands of professional video creators. However, the slow autofocus response and occasional white balance instabilities serve as reminders that there’s still room for improvement. With potential firmware updates, Samsung could address these issues, pushing the Galaxy S24 Ultra even closer to achieving perfection in mobile video production​​.

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