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Samsung Galaxy J7 cases and covers: Best deals available online

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 has released and if you purchased one then you might be looking for a perfect case to keep it from catching scratches. You can buy cases to make your phone look cool or to get some good functionalities. Here are some best cases you can buy for your brand new Galaxy J7 and keep it new for long.

nCase Back Cover

nCase came up with a shockproof back cover for Galaxy J7. It is made up of rubber which absorbs shocks easily and protects your device from damage. The rubber edges also give you better grip on your smartphone and won’t slip out of your pocket easily.


nCase back cover comes with a kick-stand at the back to enjoy games or watch movies. The case is not expensive for what it’s offering you, you won’t find and case with kickstand in this price.

Enflamo Leather Flip case


Protect your Galaxy J7 2016 with the Enflamo leather flip case. It comes with two see through windows at the front to check out notifications and accept or reject calls, it also displays the caller ID while someone is calling you. These two windows are covered with a plastic film to protect the screen. Enflamo leather flip case is made of Faux leather which protects your phone from getting scratches. The phone holder is made of plastic which holds up the device and keeps it from slipping out.

Kapa bumper case


Bumper cases is the best case for any smartphone to protect the edges if dropped. Kapa bumper case comes in silver color with openings for all the ports and also light weight. It also comes with an acrylic back with a mirror finish to give your smartphone a luxury feel and look. The acrylic back is a snap on and optional, you can remove it if you don’t like it. The acrylic back had a transparent window to reveal the Samsung branding. The bumper case is made of aluminum metal with padding so your phone don’t get scratches while applying it.

iCopertina Clear back cover


If you don’t want those fancy leather cases then try iCopertina clear back cover for your Galaxy J7. This clear back cover is almost invisible and lightweight, it is also slim (few millimeters) so it won’t feel in your hands.

It is made of silicon which makes it soft and protects your device from getting dents or scratches even if you drops it accidently on the hard floor. You can easily snap your device into this case without any effort. This case had all the openings for the ports and buttons such as power key, volume rocker keys, USB port and audio port.

RDcase Flip cover


[ps_prices] RDcase is a multipurpose case for your Galaxy J7. It is a flip cover with a magnetic clip to keep the flip to open automatically. The case can also be transformed to use as a kickstand to enjoy movies or type using a Bluetooth keyboard. That’s not it!

It also comes with three pockets to slide in your credit cards, driving license or ID card. It comes in black color and made of artificial leather and rubber to protect your smartphone from shocks and scratches.


These were the best cases we found for your Galaxy J7 2016 edition. You can choose between them according to your needs or how you want your device to look like. In my opinion, you should choose the nCase with shock proof feature and kick stand.