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Reliance Lyf smartphones get a price cut, now start at Rs. 2999

Reliance has subjected its 4G services to the invite system to establish a sense of exclusivity among users. This has been started through an employee referral program. However, the company has been slashing data prices to promote its smartphones.
Bundled with the Lyf phones, the 4G services will now cost the consumers Rs. 2,999 for three months.

The Lyf smartphones that have received price cuts are Lyf Water 2 that is available for Rs. 9,499 (cut down by Rs. 4,000), Lyf Wind 6 at Rs. 5,999 (a cut down from the earlier price of Rs. 6,499), and Lyf Flame 2 at Rs. 3,499 (Rs. 1,300 price drop from the previous price of Rs. 4,799). Other devices have received a flat cut down of Rs. 1,000 including Lyf Flame 4, Flame 5, and Flame 6. They are now available at Rs. 2,999.

At the moment, all Lyf phones are available with free unlimited data for the first three months on the Reliance Jio network. Reliance CDMA customers are also being given a chance to upgrade to a Reliance Jio SIM.

The company’s latest smartphone in the market is Earth 2, which started selling at Rs. 19,999, a price which was much higher than the specification the company was offering. There hasn’t been much word about its reception, but the three months of unlimited 4G data sure is a temptress.

Apart from this, the company has launched eight applications that aim at providing various services. These apps include JioPlay and JioOnDemand for video, JioBeats for music, JioMags, JioNews and JioXpressNews for news, JioSecurity for security, and JioDrive for storage.

These gimmicks may not have much face value individually, but when packed together, they seem a hefty deal, but will it be enough to sell Reliance’s higher models? There’s not much to speculate with. But for the lower priced models, it doesn’t get much better.

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