Reliance Jio to offer new free Data Plans for postpaid & prepaid users for next 18 months


Wary of losing a lot on returns, Reliance Jio has unveiled new pricing plans for data and other services having offered them free of charge over the last six months. However, early indication is that the carrier could still be the most affordable as it continues to take the fight to Vodafone, Airtel, and BSNL.

The fast-growing carrier has listed new tariff plans that it says will affect both Prime and non-Prime users. There are also plans for the post and pre-paid users. Below is a detailed look at the new offers.

Reliance Jio Pre-Paid Plans

7GB 4G Data at Rs. 96 for 7 Days

Prepaid users that are Prime members will get 7GB data for 7 days. The same also comes with 1 GB FUP for daily use at a flat rate of Rs. 96. On exhausting the 1GB daily data, users will still be able to browse the internet but at reduced speeds of 128kbps. The plan also offers unlimited local and STD calls.

Non-Prime members, on the other hand, will have to contend with 600MB of 4G data for the seven days at the same price. They will also enjoy free voice calls.

Rs. 149 for 28 days

This plan offers 2GB data for 28 days to prime members. The same also comes with unlimited and free STD calls and free 300 local and STD SMS. Non-prime members will get 1GB under the plan including all the other benefits under the plan.

84GB at Rs. 309 for 84 days

Open to Prime members only, this plan offers 84GB of 4GB data for 84 days at Rs. 309. In addition, the plan comes with 1GB data FUP per day and unlimited STD and local voice calls. Once the 84 days elapse prime members will get 28GB of 4G data lasting 28 days on paying Rs. 309.

168GB for 84 days At Rs. 509

Jio is also offering 168 GB data at Rs. 509 for 84 days. The plan also comes with unlimited STD and local voice calls. After Completion of the 84 days, members will get 56GB at the same price lasting 28 days.

185GB for Rs. 1999

Prime members will get 185GB of 4G data lasting 150 days on paying Rs. 1999 under this plan. Unlimited STD and local voice call also come with the plan. Once exhausted members will get 125GB of 4G data lasting 90 days on paying 1,999

Reliance Jio Postpaid Plans

90GB at Rs. 309

Jio is offering 90 GB of 4G data to postpaid customers at Rs. 309. The plan is valid for 30 days upon recharging and will come with unlimited voice calls.

180GB at Rs. 509

Rs. 509 will earn postpaid users 180GB of 4G data valid for 90 days on the first recharge. Completion of the first 3 months will require subscribers to pay the same monthly charge of Rs 509 to get 60GB valid for a month. The plan also comes with unlimited STD and free local calls option.

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