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Reliance introduces Jio Glass mixed reality device in India, 5G services coming next year

With Reliance Industries keen to emerge as a technology behemoth apart from its usual stranglehold on the energy sector, here is the first consumer focussed device the company has come up with, the Jio Glass. It might be hard to link Reliance with such concepts but that’s the way it is. The Jio Glass is a mixed reality device and is the first such thing to be launched in the country by an Indian firm.

Announced during the 43rd RIL annual general meeting, the Jio Glass needs to be tethered to the phone to get online. For this, it comes with a cable to connect to the phone. Users will be able to watch holographic content with the Glass, besides allowing for 3D interactions as well. For this, Reliance said they have focussed hard on improving the display resolution so that users get to have sparkling clear views of the content shown.

As for its applicability, the Jio Glass has huge potential in the fields of entertainment and gaming. Besides, it can be an indispensable aid for office work as well as it allows users to attend in virtual meetings and other proceedings remotely. Another area where the Jio Glass is expected to see huge application is in the education sector.

As it is, the education segment is already in the midst of a huge transformation, what with regular classes now being held online post the coronavirus outbreak. With Jio Glass, teachers and students will be able to interact in 3D virtual room with holographic classes being conducted. The company said there are 25 apps that will be available right away, with more in the works. It has only recently launched JioMeet, a video conferencing app in the country.

The Jio Glass can also be mistaken for a normal sunglass from the front, save for the centrally mounted single lens camera. The device is also quite thick, which has to do with the several electronic and mechanical paraphernalia that goes into its making. That said, the entire thing weighs just 75 grams, which means having it on your nose for long isn’t likely to be a chore.

The Glass also delivers personalised audio and can be used to make phone calls as well using voice commands. For instance, you will have to say ‘Hello Jio, please call X’ to make a phone call to X. Then there is also the 2D video call and holographic video call options too.

Reliance stated they hope to introduce 5G services in India next year itself, which once deployed should make the Jio Glass function to its full potential without a hitch. The company also announced plans to launch an Android powered 5G smartphone in India soon in collaboration with Google. The Mountain View company, meanwhile is the latest to join the Jio platform with over a $5 billion investment.