How to recover deleted files and corrupted data from an External Hard Drive

While getting to certain vital documents from external hard drive on your PC, you incidentally detached your external hard drive from PC. You quickly associated it again and attempted to check whether all documents are copied or not. Yet, for you information, you were not ready to visible records from an external drive.

You think that external hard disk may have got harmed after it got all of a sudden ejected from the system. You saved part of important reports, photographs, videos and different records identified with individual or authority work. So, how to recover corrupted data on External Hard drive? External hard drives are utilized when you need to store information as a distinct option for PC hard drive or to take move down of significant information.

External hard disks have a capacity limit as that of system hard drives. Despite having a few advantages, these external hard disks are more inclined to data loss and debasement as they are utilized as a part of diverse systems to get to and copy information. So beneath are the situations, which may bring about harm to external hard drive and leaves its information in ambiguous state:

Organizing Errors: Using external hard drives on distinctive PCs and working systems can prompt programming clashes and may show warning errors such as “NO partition created, would you like to configure it now?” and other drive-related corrupts when you attempt to get to information from it.

Virus/Malware Attack: Severe infection/malware viruses on external hard drive may lead to loss of information, if you don’t take preventive measures at correct time with the assistance of effective antivirus, then after record system corruption, external hard drive gets damaged.

Interference amid Data Transfer: Sometimes exchanging or moving information from external hard drive to PC or other memory device can get hindered because of unreliable network, force surges, unplanned system shutdown and evacuation of external hard drive. These slips or document exchange interference can bring about harm of external hard drive

Different Causes: Bad sector development, read/write head crash, introduction to overheat or dampness, maturing of external hard drive and different components are thought to be different purposes behind harm or defilement of external hard circle

After harm of external hard drive, you don’t lose information for forever. Taking legitimate activities before drive information gets overwritten with new information or drive is not physically harmed will save your information. If you don’t recognize what to do of damaged external hard drive, then simply go through this page to get steps of recovering information from harmed external HDD.

Things to consider before going for data recovery from corrupted external hard drive

Choosing incredible information recovery device is the best choice for this situation to concentrate and recover your important records and envelopes from harmed external hard drive. One can choose and make utilization of any available Hard Drive Recovery software to perform information recovery from the defiled external hard drive in a secure way.

This product profoundly filters external hard disk to discover and recover a wide range of records from harmed external hard drive on Windows PC.

Also, you can effectively restore documents from organized, reformatted external drives of numerous brands like Hitachi, Iomega, SanDisk, Maxtor, Toshiba, Seagate etc. Other than external hard drives, it bolsters information recovery from portable FireWire Drives, iPods, memory cards, PC and PC hard drives and USB drives, on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows server 2007 working systems.

How to recover corrupted data on External Hard drive: Basic steps to follow

  • Download and introduce any available Hard Drive Recovery software on your PC.
  • Run the product and attach external hard drive to the system.
  • In next screen, you will get two choices i.e. “Segment Recovery” and “Designed/Re-organized Recovery”.
  • Select the choice in view of information misfortune situation. Since information should be restored from harmed external hard drive, click on “Segment Recovery”.
  • Start with the OS according to the directions on software driver.
  • From the given list choose the damaged external HDD from recognized memory drives by this product and click next.
  • The product filters external hard drive and display list of recovered documents in two ways.
  • Review recovered documents utilizing “Preview Mode” choice before actual saving.

Points To Consider:

  • Continuously have a decent propensity for securely separating external hard drive from PC.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from physical harm of external hard disk.
  • Abstain from utilizing external drive for more time and without ventilation to keep it cool.


  1. You’ve covered great tips indeed. However, when it actually comes to recover files from corrupt external hard drive, what exact tool you’d suggest to recover data. It’d be better if you can cover any such tools in your article and update it accordingly so the audience know exactly which one is going to work. Based on my experience, I can suggest you few free and paid recovery tools like Recuva & TestDisk (Free) and Stellar Phoenix or R-Studio (Paid).

    Hope you’ll like the opinion!!

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