Quordle Today: Answers and Hints for September 21, 2023

Quordle, the popular word puzzle game, has been captivating players around the world with its challenging and engaging gameplay. For those who might be stuck or just curious, here’s a breakdown of today’s answers and hints.

How to Play Quordle For newcomers to the game, Quordle requires players to guess four five-letter words within nine attempts. The catch? All four words are played simultaneously. A letter in the correct position for any of the words will be highlighted in green, while a letter present in a word but in the wrong position will appear in yellow. Players can also try out practice games before diving into the daily puzzle.

Hints for September 21:

  • Word 1 (Top Left): Having knowledge and understanding of an environment or situation.
  • Word 2 (Top Right): Emitted bright light.
  • Word 3 (Bottom Left): Area untouched by sunlight.
  • Word 4 (Bottom Right): Storage space on a wall. Note: One of the words has a pair of repeated letters. Today’s words start with A, S, S, and S.

Answers for Today’s Quordle: Please note: Spoiler Alert! Proceed only if you’re ready to know the answers.

  • Word 1: Aware
  • Word 2: Shone
  • Word 3: Shade
  • Word 4: Shelf

In Conclusion:

  • Quordle continues to be a favorite among word game enthusiasts.
  • The game offers both challenge and fun, with daily puzzles to keep players engaged.
  • Today’s hints and answers provide a helping hand to those in need.

For more updates on Quordle and other word games, stay tuned!