PUBG Mobile India launch opposed by child’s rights body in the country

Reports of the imminent launch of PUBG Mobile in India has just been what hardcore fans of the battle royale game might have been waiting for. However, the game’s comeback in the country does not seem to be as hassle-free that one might have felt it is going to be like.

For instance, the Ministry of Electronics and Information technology (MeitY) is yet to provide the necessary clearance to the game to operate in the country, and nobody knows when is that going to happen. Officials are reported to have said any banned entity floating a new company does not provide them with the requisite clearance to start operations again.

If that is not all, the launch of the game has been further thrown into uncertainty as the NCPCR or the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights in India has demanded the game should be denied the permission to launch again in the country, The Telegraph Online reported. The nodal agency for protecting child rights in the country cited the instances where several lives have been lost owing to the game.

Worth mentioning, PUBG Mobile had earlier spanned off into a subsidiary that got registered as an Indian company named PUBG India Pvt. Ltd. The newly formed company also tied up with Microsoft to use the latter’s Azure cloud servers for storing the data of Indian players. This, the company hoped, should take care of all concerns related to upholding the security and privacy of Indian players.

It now remains to be seen when the game is able to break free of all the shackles that are preventing it from launching afresh in the country. Some have estimated that to happen around January or February next year though that too does seem optimistic at times.