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PS4 Pro vs PS5: Should you upgrade to a new Sony console?

Demon Souls’ demonstration during Playstation 5 presentation made a real hype. Veterans of the souls series could revisit the classic game, and new players will witness the first entry of the series in its full glory. The only medieval rpg ps4 of the same scale is Dark Souls 3. However, there was no new medieval game ps4 that could match the titles. If you are looking for ps4 medieval games, you should check out game insider. Here you will find a lot of info about games and the gaming industry. Yet, Demon Souls is not the only subject for discussion about PS5.

Playstation 5 technical parameters

Playstation 5 is a big step in the gaming industry. The generations of consoles measure the power accessible to game developers. The high performance gives possibilities to create immersive virtual worlds. Playstation 5 has significant capacity and brings next-gen experience with the dual sense gamepad. However, is PS5 really worth buying? What can the game console offer besides incredible capacity? Let’s find out.

The raw PS5 performance is truly impressive. The console has:

  • An 8-core Ryzen processor.
  • 16 GB Ram.
  • Internal storage for 825 GB.
  • The overall capacity of the console is 10.3 teraflops.

Besides the impressive performance, the console has a next-generation input device – DualSense. Dualsense’s design took into account the mistakes of DualShock and leaped quality improvement. Its frame became bigger, and now it lies in hands comfortably. Besides, it has a multilayer vibration that transmits various effects from various sources. For example, you may feel the recoil from a gun, landscape under the feet, and surrounding explosions. Each of these sources will transmit different vibrations via the DualSense gamepad.

Playstation 5, by all characteristics, is a marvelous console. Now, let’s take a closer look at Playstation 4 Pro.

Playstation4 Pro Capacity

The Pro version of PS4 served as a so-called mid-generation. The necessity for hardware upgrades was evident, but it was too early for the next-gen consoles. Therefore, Sony and Microsoft released upgraded versions of their consoles. PS4 Pro has an overall capacity of 4,3 teraflops in comparison with the original 1,8 teraflops from regular PlayStation 4. Besides, PS4 Pro has the possibility of showing a 4K resolution image and streaming in this quality. PS 4 Pro concedes in raw power to PS 5. However, video game consoles do not exist in a vacuum. Players need the performance capacity to play games. And here the tables turn.

Videogames for Playstation

At the current moment, Playstation 5 cannot boast strong exclusives. It has a remake of Demon Souls, which was one of the launch titles for PS3. There is Destruction All-Stars, a controversial arcade, and Astro Bot, more a technical demo than a full-fledged game. The rest of the PS5 library is ports from the past-gen or games available via backward compatibility. The price of the games for PS5 may be a dealbreaker also. The current financial politics of Sony moves towards 70$ per title, unlike 60$ in the previous generation. In fact, users overpay for a platform and titles just to play games that were released during the last five years.

Besides, not all of the games utilize the DualSense functionality at max capacity. At the current moment, the only game that demonstrates the true next-gen potential of the new gamepad is Astrobot. Other titles limit the potential to regular vibration and plain recoil. The next-gen features are once again just a gimmick, at least for now.

On the contrary, PS4 Pro has access to the same library as PS5 but at a much lesser price. Many PS4 titles now have discounts, and the PlayStation hits library may offer decent exclusives for an affordable price tag. In terms of performance, there is no real difference between PS4 Pro and PS 5 right now. The old games work a bit faster on PS5. However, if you are not chasing the ultimate performance, then PS 4 Pro may please you with a high-quality image and fast loading time without overpaying for them.

There is no direct answer to the question of what console is better: PS4 Pro or PS5. Playstation 4 Pro is a time-proven gaming device with a rich library of games. Playstation 5 is a raw potential that will unravel itself in the future. But right now, PS5 can’t offer more than PS4 Pro.

Alternatives for Playstation

Besides, you may consider buying a gaming Pc. A lot of PS5 titles are multiplatform, including Pc. The Pc gaming market feels great during the last couple of years. Major publishers from West and East ported their most renowned games to Pc. Besides, some of the PS4 exclusives were ported as well. Horizon: Zero Dawn, Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Days Gone; these games are proud members of the PC family now. 

There is a high chance that some of the PS5 games will have ports on Pc as well. Thus, you will need the best video card for gaming to run them in full capacity. Right now, the market of video cards shares the high price value politics. It would be wise to consider all options and decide what exact kind of upgrade do you want: a new console, an old one, or a major hardware upgrade for your PC.

PS4 Pro or PS5: which to choose?

If you are going to choose the first console in your gaming life, then choose a PS5. You will have the maximum performance capacity and access to a vast collection of video games, old and upcoming. If you already have a PS4 or PS4 Pro, then there is no imminent need for an upgrade. It is better to wait until the next revision of PS5, like PS5 slim, or a truly strong exclusive like God of War: Ragnarok. The choice strongly depends on your gaming preferences and experience. There is no right or wrong answer, only the one that fits you.

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