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iPhone SE 4 Anticipation: Unraveling Apple’s Upcoming Budget Phone

The iPhone SE series has always been Apple’s answer to the demand for a more budget-friendly smartphone. With the iPhone SE 3rd generation released in March 2022, the tech community is already buzzing with speculations and rumors about the next iteration: the iPhone SE 4.

Key Highlights:

  • Potential release in 2025, breaking the biennial routine.
  • Pricing trends show a gradual increase across generations.
  • Rumored shift from the traditional small design to a larger 6.1-inch display.
  • Possible features include an OLED display, notch design, and enhanced A15 chip.

Release Date Speculations:

Apple’s iPhone SE doesn’t adhere to the regular annual release pattern of its flagship counterparts. Historically, the iPhone SE 1st gen was launched in March 2016, followed by the 2nd gen in April 2020, and the 3rd gen in March 2022. This irregularity makes the release date of the iPhone SE 4 a topic of speculation. Some analysts, like Jeff Pu, predict a 2025 release, while others believe it might be sooner.

Pricing Trends:

The iPhone SE’s pricing has seen a steady rise over the generations. The 3rd gen iPhone SE, for instance, started at $429 for the 64GB model. While global component and distribution costs influence these prices, the iPhone SE’s appeal lies in its affordability. It remains to be seen how Apple will price the iPhone SE 4, especially with rumored upgrades on the horizon.

Design Evolution:

The iPhone SE series has traditionally been one of Apple’s smaller devices. However, rumors suggest that the iPhone SE 4 might break this mold. Tech tipster Jon Prosser hinted that the iPhone SE 4 could resemble the iPhone XR, sporting a 6.1-inch all-screen design. This shift would be significant, marking a departure from the compact design that has been synonymous with the SE line.

Anticipated Features:

While the iPhone SE 4 is rumored to flaunt a notch design, it’s uncertain if it will incorporate Face ID, Apple’s facial recognition technology. There’s also speculation about the relocation of the Touch ID sensor to the power button, similar to the 10th-gen iPad. As for the camera, it might retain a single lens setup, but with enhancements like night mode and cinematic mode. Additionally, the iPhone SE 4 could potentially be powered by the advanced A15 chip.


The iPhone SE 4 remains one of the most anticipated releases from Apple’s stable. While its launch date is still a matter of speculation, the rumored features and design changes indicate a significant evolution from its predecessors. As Apple continues to balance innovation with affordability, the iPhone SE 4 promises to be a device worth waiting for.