Home News Apple starts producing components for AirPods in India

Apple starts producing components for AirPods in India

Apple Starts Exporting AirPods Components from India to China and Vietnam

According to Bloomberg, Apple has started sending parts for its AirPods from India to China and Vietnam. This furthers Apple’s plan to diversify its production across India and a number of other nations.

The report claims that Jabil, a US-based business with a plant in Pune, has started shipping AirPods enclosures (also known as plastic bodies) to China and Vietnam. We are now witnessing the first instance of AirPods-related part production, which is encouraging.

We might soon hear about the production of AirPods in India as Luxshare Precision Industry has received government approval. One of many Chinese suppliers, Luxshare Precision, was given approval to increase production through joint ventures with Indian partners.

India’s exports have increased significantly as a result of the production of Apple products there. In December, Apple exported $1 billion worth of mobile phones, overtaking Samsung to become the industry’s top exporter, as previously reported.

According to earlier reports, Apple will expand its industrial footprint by moving some AirPods and Beats production to India. inspired by a J. P. According to a September Morgan report, by the year 2025, Apple plans to shift the production of 25% of all iPhones to India.