Pokémon GO Rivals Week 2024 Pokémon GO Rivals Week 2024

Pokémon GO Rivals Week 2024: Comprehensive Guide to Research Tasks, Quest Steps, and Rewards

Dive into Pokémon GO Rivals Week from May 4-9, 2024, featuring exclusive research tasks, epic raids, and rare encounters with your favorite rival Pokémon pairs!

Pokémon GO’s Rivals Week is back, bringing a flurry of activities and challenges from May 4 to May 9, 2024. This event puts a spotlight on iconic Pokémon rivalries, offering trainers unique opportunities to capture rare Pokémon, participate in specialized research tasks, and reap exceptional rewards.

Event Highlights and Timed Research

The Rivals Week event features an array of Pokémon that typically oppose each other, adding a thematic twist to this year’s event. Notable pairs include Zangoose vs. Seviper and Throh vs. Sawk, which trainers can encounter more frequently in the wild and in raids during specific time slots throughout the week.

Timed Research Tasks are a key component of Rivals Week, with a series of challenges designed to test every trainer’s skills:

  • Catch 15 Fighting-type Pokémon: Earn encounters with Mankey.
  • Power up 15 Fighting-type Pokémon: Gain encounters with Machop.
  • Earn 10,000 Stardust and 20,000 XP: Unlock encounters with Gligar and Alolan Sandshrew respectively.
  • Win 3 Raids: Face off against Throh.
  • Battle in the GO Battle League 5 times: Challenge Sawk.

These tasks are not only designed to enhance the gameplay experience but also to provide substantial rewards, including XP boosts, Rare Candies, Fast TMs, and encounters with event-themed Pokémon.

GO Battle Weekend: A Test of Strategy and Strength

Coinciding with Rivals Week, the GO Battle Weekend ramps up the competitive spirit from May 4 through May 5. Trainers can engage in up to 100 battles per day, earning 4× Stardust from each victory. This is a perfect chance to accumulate resources and test new strategies against fellow Pokémon trainers.

Raids and Wild Encounters: Boost Your Collection

The event enhances the raid experience with specific Pokémon available during allotted times:

  • Zangoose and Seviper: Available in three-star raids from May 4 to May 6.
  • Throh and Sawk: Take the stage from May 6 to May 8.
  • Heatmor and Durant: Featured towards the event’s close from May 8 to May 9.

Simultaneously, the wild will be teeming with various Pokémon like Mankey, Poliwag, Machop, and the potential to encounter shiny versions of these fierce competitors.

Special Offers and PokéStop Showcases

For a nominal fee, trainers can access premium Timed Research, offering exclusive rewards like Stardust, Star Pieces, and Rare Candies. Throughout the event, trainers should also keep an eye out for special showcases at PokéStops, presenting unique photo opportunities and encounters with event-themed Pokémon.

Safety and Community Engagement

As always, Niantic encourages trainers to adhere to local health guidelines while participating in outdoor activities related to Pokémon GO. The community is encouraged to stay connected via social media and official Pokémon GO channels for any updates or changes to the event schedule.

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