Pokemon Go Player Discovers Key Tip to Conquer Cursed Mateo Encounters

Pokemon Go players have been struggling with a perplexing issue: abnormally low encounter rates with Team Rocket Grunt Mateo. Many report encountering numerous other Grunts while Mateo remains elusive, leading some to dub him “cursed.” However, a recent discovery provides a simple yet effective solution to this frustrating problem.

Key Highlights:

  • Mateo encounter bug: Players report experiencing unusually low encounter rates with Mateo, a Team Rocket Grunt.
  • Solution: Clicking on Gyms or Pokéstops, even if Mateo doesn’t appear, triggers the encounter.
  • Widely affected: Numerous players express relief and confirmation of the tip’s effectiveness.
  • Increased chance: This simple trick appears to significantly improve the odds of encountering Mateo.

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Clicking the Invisible Mateo: A Game-Changer for Frustrated Players

A Reddit user, u/Shlinkx, revealed a crucial tip that appears to drastically improve the chances of encountering Mateo. According to their post, players should click on Gyms or Pokéstops even if Mateo doesn’t appear on the map. This simple action, seemingly bypassing the usual visual cue, triggers the encounter and allows players to battle Mateo.

The comments section of u/Shlinkx’s post was flooded with positive affirmations and relief from fellow players. Many confirmed the effectiveness of this strategy, expressing gratitude for finally being able to encounter and defeat the elusive Grunt. Users like bunyuri exclaimed, “Are you JOKING me,” while Affectionate-Owl6853 added, “This explains why I was 0/10 on Mateo today.”

Unveiling the Mystery: Why Was Mateo So Elusive?

The exact reason behind the low encounter rate with Mateo remains unclear. Some speculate it could be a bug related to the recent Rocket Balloons update, while others suggest it might be an intentional design choice by Niantic. Regardless of the cause, the “invisible Mateo” trick provides a welcome workaround for frustrated players.

Increased Odds, Easier Completion of Team Rocket Tasks

With this simple trick at their disposal, players can now significantly increase their chances of encountering Mateo and completing Team Rocket tasks that require his defeat. This not only removes a frustrating obstacle but also helps players progress in their Rocket-related goals within the game.

The discovery of the “invisible Mateo” trick has brought much-needed relief to Pokemon Go players struggling with unusually low encounter rates with the elusive Team Rocket Grunt. By clicking on Gyms or Pokéstops, even without a visual confirmation, players can now trigger encounters with Mateo and complete their Rocket tasks with greater ease. This simple yet effective solution has demonstrably increased the chances of encountering Mateo, allowing players to progress further in their Pokemon Go journeys.