Piaggio has launched a new range of brand new Vespa scooters that come with 150cc models for the Indian market named Vespa VXL and Vespa SXL. The lineup of the Vespa 125cc model has also been extended with two new variants added to the list. The new scooters were unveiled at an evening event in Mumbai in the presence of soccer star, Alessandro Del Piero, who is Piaggio’s Global Brand Ambassador.

Commenting on the launch event, Managing Director, Piaggio Vehicles – Stefano Pele said that the new Vespa scooters are almost 100 percent localised and are assembled at the Baramati plant.

To the already existing portfolio of the Vespa scooters, Piaggio India has introduced new experiences. The most notable is a new engine range in the form of Vespa 150cc, and then there are also two new members under the Vespa 125cc range. The 150cc and 125cc range come in two models namely Vespa SXL and Vespa VXL.


Both models are easy to tell apart, although they all come in wide range of different colors. The Vespa SXL model, whether 150cc or 125cc, comes with a rectangular headlamp with bear chrome finishing. The same model features 11-inch alloy wheels that have black finishing and 5-spoke. The SXL is also equipped with rear handlebars that have a leather strap.

Coming to the design of Vespa VXL scooter, the model headlamps are circular and come with 11-inch alloy wheels, 5-spoke and steel handlebars. While the SXL bears black finish, the VXL model come with silver finishing.

Body Measurement

Piaggio has ensured that both the SXL and VXL Vespa models have comfortable seats that also bear design creativity. Both the SXL and VXL have monocoque full steel platform and are powered by three-valve engines, which generates a solid 11.5bhp of peak power at 5500 rpm.

On body size, the two models measure 1,770mm, 690mm and 1,140mm in length, width and height, respectively.

The other exciting features in the Vespa SXL and Vespa VXL scooters are digital instrument console and switchgear. The new models of Vespa scooters also come with wider tubeless tyres.

Availability and Prices of Vespa VXL and SXL Scooters

The Vespa SXL 125cc and 150cc are available in five color options: Matt Black, Orange, Azure Blue and Orange. Whereas, the Vespa VXL 125cc and VXL 150cc are available in six color options: White, Matt Black, Maze Grey, Yellow, Red and Green.

The new Vespa scooters start at Rs. 77,308 with that price giving you the Vespa VXL 125cc model. The SXL 125cc model costs Rs. 81,967. The brand new ranges, the VXL 150cc and the SXL 150cc, cost Rs. 84,641 and Rs. 88,696 respectively. All the prices are ex-showroom, Pune.