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OPPO Enco Air 3 Pro Earbuds Review : The budget TWS king

In the realm of audio gadgets, a lesser-known but noteworthy brand holds its ground – OPPO. Renowned for its smartphones, OPPO boasts a history of crafting premium audio devices before venturing into the mobile business. The brand has embraced its roots and continues to impress with its audio offerings, including an impressive line of true wireless earbuds.

The recent introduction, OPPO Enco Air 3 Pro, follows the footsteps of the popular Enco Air 2 Pro. Priced just below INR 5,000, these earbuds feature significant enhancements: sizable drivers, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), enduring battery life, dual connectivity, and more. Could the Enco Air 3 Pro become your preferred earbud choice? Our review answers that question.


OPPO has retained a familiar design approach with the Enco Air 3 Pro, keeping them closely aligned with the Enco Air 2 Pro in terms of aesthetics and overall experience. The charging case, reminiscent of a pebble, showcases a sleek matte finish. The earbuds are offered in two color options: White and a vibrant green shade, with the white version being featured in our review.

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Delving into the earbuds themselves, they adhere to a conventional in-ear design characterized by a stem housing both controls and batteries. These lightweight buds are remarkably comfortable. Accompanying the earbuds in the package are a charging cable and three sets of silicone ear tips in varying sizes.

The touch controls are positioned on a defined section of the stem. While the sensitivity of these controls is noteworthy, their small size might necessitate some initial muscle memory exercise. These controls can be customized to execute an array of commands, like playback, switching between noise cancellation modes, voice assistant activation, and more. Different gestures can also be assigned to distinct functions.

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Returning to the charging case, its lid offers a satisfying tactile click upon opening and closing. A distinctive wavy pattern adorns the top of the lid which has a clear plastic cover, adding a touch of character. Positioned on the rear is an LED notification indicator, while the bottom houses a USB Type-C port dedicated to charging the earbuds.


Pairing the earbuds is a breeze – they automatically activate upon removal from the case. They offer Google Fast Pair compatibility for swift connection, or you can opt for pairing through the HeyMelody app. The app, accessible on both iOS and Android, unlocks a range of features, granting control over the EQ and toggling between ANC and ambient sound modes. The EQ presets are abundant, and the app presents extras like Oppo Alive Audio for spatial surround sound and Golden Sound, a personalized audio profile shaped by individual hearing traits.

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Coming to the audio performance, the OPPO Enco Air 3 Pro boasts 12.4mm dynamic drivers, each with a bamboo fiber diaphragm. Bluetooth codecs include SBC, AAC, and LDAC. The integration of bamboo fiber diaphragms lends a balanced and lively soundstage. Software tweaks offer ample customization to deliver an exceptional auditory experience. LDAC and HiRes audio, coupled with the Golden Sound profile, certainly elevate audio quality, showcasing depth in the drivers that translates to crisp highs and lows.

The Active Noise Cancellation on the Enco Air 3 Pro is average at best, suitable for minimizing routine indoor noises. It handles modest sounds like fan hums but proves less effective in crowded environments. Call quality remains satisfactory indoors and acceptable outdoors. However, for prolonged calls or virtual meetings, the voice and microphone quality might not meet high expectations.

At 50% volume, the earbuds deliver approximately about 5 hours of battery life per charge, totaling over 20+ hours without ANC and around 17 hours with ANC engaged.

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OPPO Enco Air 3 Pro Review – The Verdict

OPPO dominates the affordable true wireless earbuds segment, a fact underscored by the Enco Air 3 Pro. Boasting a suite of impressive features including LDAC Bluetooth codec support, active noise cancellation, dual connectivity, and wear detection, the earbuds offer a robust user experience. Although microphone performance may occasionally fall short, the Enco Air 3 Pro compensates for that with its clear audio output. For those on a tight budget, the Oppo Enco Air 3 Pro stands as the ultimate wireless earbuds choice, delivering exceptional value under the INR 5,000 price point.