OnePlus’s Twin Triumph: The Game-Changing OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open

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The tech world is buzzing with the arrival of OnePlus’s new offerings – the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open. These latest entrants are expected to bridge the gaps left by their predecessors and present a significant challenge to the giants of the industry, Samsung and Google.

Key Highlights:

  • OnePlus 12 set to rectify previous models’ shortcomings, with rumors of an unveiling in December or January​​.
  • OnePlus Open, priced at $1,700, now comes with a trade-in offer reducing the price to $1,500​​.
  • A leak suggests OnePlus 12 could feature 50W wireless charging, USB 3.2, and an IR blaster, along with a robust camera setup​​.
  • OnePlus Open is the company’s leap into the foldable phone market, showcasing a book-style foldable design​.
  • Innovative screen technology to be unveiled by OnePlus and BOE for the OnePlus 12, featuring a 2K resolution OLED panel with exceptional brightness​​.

oneplus open black wf 4

OnePlus seems to be on a mission to reclaim its title as the “flagship killer” with its new OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open models. The OnePlus 12, following some leaks, is rumored to correct the shortcomings of its predecessors, potentially being announced in December or January​. On the other hand, the OnePlus Open, although priced at a steep $1,700, is now within a more affordable reach with a trade-in offer that knocks $200 off the price, making it $1,500​.

One of the leaks surrounding the OnePlus 12 reveals some exciting features including 50W wireless charging, USB 3.2, and an IR blaster. These features, along with a solid camera setup, are seen as OnePlus’s endeavor to fix the biggest criticisms faced by the OnePlus 11 and Open​​. Meanwhile, the OnePlus Open marks the company’s venture into the foldable phone arena with a book-style foldable design, displaying OnePlus’s ambition to innovate and compete with the big players in the smartphone market​.

Furthermore, a joint venture between OnePlus and BOE is set to unveil an innovative screen technology for the OnePlus 12. This new OLED panel, codenamed “Orient”, boasts a 2K resolution and a peak brightness that sets a new record, indicating the brand’s continuous pursuit of delivering exceptional display quality​​.

The OnePlus 12 and OnePlus Open are not just mere additions to OnePlus’s lineup, but significant steps towards challenging the established dominance of Samsung and Google in the smartphone market. With a blend of corrective features and innovative technology, OnePlus is surely making a statement in the industry.

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