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Foldable iPhone likely to launch in 2023, may have the same design as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Foldable phones are all the rage at the moment, with almost every company worth it’s salt either having at least one of these to offer or are actively pursuing the development of such phones. Apple seems fit for the latter category, with the latest news on this front claiming the company could be in the position to launch its first foldable iPhone variant as early as 2023.

The above piece of news has its origins in a report by Ming Chi Kuo who has built an enviable reputation as an Apple analyst. Kuo has been largely accurate with his Apple-related predictions over the years. The report though revealed things are still in the preliminary stages, with Apple more likely to adopt the same design as that of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 for its foldable iPhone.

That would mean an almost conventional-looking iPhone that opens up like a book to reveal a larger display. According to Kuo, it could be a 7.5-inch or 8-inch display on offer when open, which is like an iPad Mini at your disposal when the display is open and an iPhone when closed. Last heard, Apple is evaluating several hinge designs before picking out the one it wishes to take forward.

There have also been some rumors in the past about Apple contracting Samsung to supply the foldable displays. The rest of the details are anybody’s guess at the moment. However, this no doubt will make for the most interesting evolution we have seen the iPhone has gone through since the range was first introduced more than a decade ago.

So far, the most radical design changes the iPhone was subjected to was when the anniversary edition came with an almost al-screen display and a notch at the top. However, an iPhone model that can also be a tablet as well as a smartphone when folded down the middle will take things to an altogether new level.

Also of course we will have more details of it coming our way in the coming days and months. Keep watching to remain tuned to all of the latest developments on this.

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