OnePlus Unveils Magic Eraser-Like Feature to Enhance Photo Editing

Discover the new AI-powered features in the latest OnePlus update, including a Magic Eraser-like tool for photo editing, call and article summarizers, and more.

OnePlus has recently introduced a notable update for its OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 11 devices, rolling out an AI-powered feature that mirrors Google’s Magic Eraser, enhancing the photo editing capabilities for users. This new addition, dubbed “AIGC Remover,” allows users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects or individuals from their photographs, leveraging artificial intelligence to streamline the editing process.

The latest software update, identified with firmware versions PHB110_14.0.0.405 for the OnePlus 12 and for the OnePlus 11, not only brings the AIGC Remover but also includes other AI-driven features like the AI Call Summarizer and Article Summarizer. The AI Call Summarizer feature is designed to provide concise summaries of phone calls, extracting crucial details such as names, dates, and actionable items. Meanwhile, the Article Summarizer aims to help users quickly understand web content by generating short summaries of articles​.

OnePlus’s commitment to integrating AI into its devices aims to provide a smarter and more efficient user experience, demonstrating its focus on innovation and user-centric design. As the global release of these features nears, OnePlus users can look forward to a more enhanced and streamlined smartphone experience.

The rollout of these features in China hints at OnePlus’s strategy to gradually introduce AI functionalities across its global markets, enhancing the appeal of its smartphones by equipping them with tools that allow for creative and practical photo editing. Despite the introduction of AIGC Remover and other AI features, specifics regarding the availability of these updates for OnePlus devices outside of China remain unclear. However, the anticipation builds as users worldwide await the arrival of these AI enhancements, which promise to bring a new level of convenience and creativity to mobile photography and user interactions on OnePlus devices.

These updates are initially available for the Chinese models of the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 11, indicating potential future releases for global variants. The inclusion of such features reflects OnePlus’s commitment to incorporating AI technology into its devices, enhancing user experience with innovative functionalities​.

Beyond these AI features, the update introduces improvements to the devices’ network stability and compatibility, along with enhancements to the Breeno Touch feature, which now offers suggestions based on screen content​​. This comprehensive update underscores OnePlus’s efforts to keep pace with competitors like Samsung and Google, who are also focusing on integrating advanced AI features into their devices.


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