OnePlus 6: New leak reveals white, blue and black color options

OnePlus 6 1

Another day and another OnePlus 6 leak has come to the fore, this time revealing the color options the flagship phone will be available in. It’s a fresh set of images of the OnePlus 6 that the Chinese site CNMO posted which eventually got wide publicity on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

So apart from white and black which happens to be the usual color that OnePlus flagships have always been available in, there is the new blue color options that is set to be the biggest attraction this time. Samsung is fairly regular in offering the blue shade for its flagship phones even though it is a lighter shade of blue that Samsung phone comes with. For OnePlus 6, it is going to be a deeper shade of blue that the phone features and it does look cool.

The latest leak meanwhile also reveals several key aspects of the phone that has already been in public knowledge for a while now. That includes a vertically aligned rear dual camera setup with the rectangular fingerprint sensor and the company logo placed beneath it. The LED flash is placed on the left of the dual camera.

The highlight of the front is no doubt the notch breaking the monotony of an edge to edge display. However, smartphone buyers have typically been critical of the notch design, which also explains company CEO Pete Lau himself getting into the act of pacifying its potential buyers how the notch can in fact be a nice thing in the way it enhances screen space. That said, the company is not taking chances and has even added a feature to hide the notch as well.

In other news related to the OnePlus 6, the phone might have the Alert Slider painted in red. According to an earlier report, the Alert Slider was claimed to have a new feature this time, one that will allow users to slide to focus with the Alert Slider.

The rest of the specs of the OnePlus 6 known so far include its Snapdragon 845 chipset mated to an 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage for the top-end version. Further, a wooden textured rear is also being speculated, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack. An Avengers inspired OnePlus 6 too can’t be ruled out given reports of the company cosying up with Marvel Studios off late. The Avengers movie is set for release on April 27 and maybe the new OnePlus 6 too is set for debut around the same time.


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