Number Super Buds Pro GT9 Review 4 scaled Number Super Buds Pro GT9 Review 4 scaled

Number Super Buds Pro GT9 Review

The Super Buds Pro GT9 – a True Wireless Stereo (TWS) headphone – emerges as a worthy contender in the budget-friendly TWS market. Boasting an impeccable design, commendable performance and a variety of enticing features, these earbuds make for a splendid acquisition. Here’s a comprehensive review of the Super Buds Pro GT9, focusing on its design, performance, pros & cons, and a conclusive verdict.


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The Super Buds Pro GT9 is available in a striking Commando Black color. Its unique design is indeed captivating. The inclusion of RGB lighting, especially in the Level 3 PUBG helmet, elevates the overall aesthetics of the earbuds, making them not just a device for listening but also a stylish desk ornament.

Number Super Buds Pro GT9 Review 8 scaledOne noteworthy detail is the inconsistency in the functioning of the light on the right earbud, which seems to operate intermittently. Despite this minor hiccup, the earbuds look cool, and the design is sure to turn heads.


Number Super Buds Pro GT9 Review 9 scaledWhen it comes to performance, the GT9 doesn’t disappoint. The sound quality is excellent with very clear treble and vocals, which provides an immersive audio experience. The bass is not overly punchy but rather soft, contributing to a balanced and pleasing sound profile.

Number Super Buds Pro GT9 Review 1 scaledThe earbuds come equipped with an Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) feature, which operates flawlessly, ensuring clearer calls and improved overall audio experience. Furthermore, the call quality is good, but a more precise conclusion on its efficiency would necessitate extended usage.

Pros & Cons


  1. Heavy bass that adds to the richness of sound, especially noticeable when watching action movies.
  2. The unique design is not only eye-catching but also doubles as a stylish desk ornament.
  3. The GT9 fits comfortably in the ear and can be worn for extended periods. The silicon tips provided enhance the overall comfort.
  4. The earbuds come with good battery backup, lasting up to 6 hours.


  1. The light on the right earphone works inconsistently, which may be a concern for some users.


Number Super Buds Pro GT9 Review 7 scaledIn conclusion, the Super Buds Pro GT9 offers more than one could expect at its price point. The sound quality, coupled with its unique design, excellent battery life, and comfort, makes these earbuds an excellent choice for those seeking affordable TWS options. The minor inconsistency in the functioning of the right earbud light doesn’t significantly detract from its overall appeal.

The Super Buds Pro GT9 embodies a compelling mix of aesthetics, performance, and convenience. At the competitive price of ₹1,099, it does what is expected – and it does it well. This is a pair of earbuds that you can definitely consider, as it offers great value for money.