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Novel Ways of Generating Real Estate Leads

You are an up-and-coming real estate agent. You are creating your own path to a successful professional life. You are already aware of most of the common ways to generate real estate leads. You understand the importance of having a steady pipeline of quality real estate leads. Therefore, we are here to draw your attention to some of the lesser-known and under-utilized methods of lead generation strategies to help boost your business.

Enhance Your Inbound Marketing For Better Real Estate Lead Generation

Real Estate Blog/Website

Let us start with one of the fundamental and frequently ignored marketing strategies —an effective blog or website. Most real estate professionals either skip having a website/blog or rarely bother to maintain and update it properly if they have one.

An information-rich blog can attract a large number of visitors to your website. Make sure to keep it updated with relevant real estate business content. You can also include content related to important neighborhood events, which will draw more visitors to your site.

Local SEO Management

Everyone searches online for pretty much everything and real estate is no exception to this change in the way we look for information. A core component of real estate marketing is ensuring you have a strong local search engine optimization (SEO) in place.

The local SEO will ensure that your website rank is high and whenever a local home buyer or seller runs a search for any of the related terms your business is bound to show up as one of the top-ranked search results.

Online Real Estate Platforms

Time is a vital component when it comes to focusing on real estate lead generation. A host of new-age real estate platforms have made your work relatively easier. All you need to do is register on these platforms and immediately start gaining a steady supply of quality real estate leads.

Platforms such as Dorrmat offer excellent new leads, a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage the leads, an opportunity for creating your own page and showcasing your achievements, and many more features, which are vital for any real estate agent to become successful.

Paid Ads

Paid advertising is a must for businesses in all spheres. In real estate, you must focus on creating targeted Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and ads on most major social media platforms. This is a key marketing strategy as a growing number of home buyers are relying on the internet to find their new homes.

The data from the National Association of Realtors states that 51% of people found their new home on the internet. This is your target demographic. You need to make sure that your business is visible to these prospective clients.

Focus On Generating Video Content

Videos are a great way to generate leads. The majority of the respondents in a survey stated that they prefer listings with videos as it gives them better information about the property, similarly, the majority of the sellers also said that they prefer to work with agents who utilize videos.

Now in order to generate leads through quality videos, you could put up videos of house tours, host a Q&A session, general advice to homeowners on increasing their property values, and more. These videos are sure to attract potential clients and increase your new leads.

Enhance Your Outbound Marketing For Better Real Estate Lead Generation

Utilize The Print Methods

When the entire world is at home, then it is time to dust out one of the old yet highly effective methods of generating leads, which is through the medium of print. Whether it is distributing your visiting card or a brochure about your real estate business and services you offer or flyers about your new listings. These print marketing forms have made a comeback.

Utilize these in an effective manner to be both non-intrusive, yet memorable to all your potential clients.

Organize Open Houses

An open house is never going to be out of favor when it comes to real estate marketing. All real agents are aware of the real estate lead generation potential that such community events have for attracting customers. This is an excellent opportunity for letting the people in your neighborhood put a face to your name.

You can gather a large number of contacts for sending direct mail later or even pick up the phone a give a call to these potential clients and get leads.

Extensive Networking

All real estate agents are well aware of the importance of networking, but we are here to advise you to diversify your networking if you wish to generate more leads.

Your networking should be focused on both real estate-related events and non-real estate-related events, such as the local chamber of commerce meetings, community events, or business seminars and conferences. These events will give you an opportunity to extend your professional network beyond the usual circle of real estate business owners.

Contact FSBOs

Most real estate agents tend to avoid reaching out to For Sale By Owner Leads (FSBOs), but we believe that this is an opportunity you should not pass upon. These are quality leads worth your time and efforts.

All you need is a proper strategy and a good technique of soft selling approach to convince these hard to persuade FSBO sellers. These are clients who are in need of a real estate agent’s advice and assistance. There is a reason that their properties are yet unsold.

As a successful real estate agent, you would be able to correctly identify the issues and offer proper suggestions for rectification. You are also better equipped to market such listings properly, which is something that most FSBOs fail at fulfilling.


In this article, we have tried to draw your attention to some of the key lead generation strategies that you should be utilizing in order to boost your business. These are all tried and tested tactics, which are also relevant to the times that we live in. Incorporating these techniques to generate new leads will not only prove to be helpful but will help you cement your success as a real estate professional.

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