Twitch Eases Multi-Stream Restrictions, Embracing Cross-Platform Broadcasting

Twitch announces new features including stream summary enabling raids on mobile devices new moderation tools and more

In a groundbreaking development, Twitch has relaxed its multi-streaming guidelines, allowing creators to broadcast on multiple platforms simultaneously. This move is seen as a reaction to the evolving digital broadcasting sphere and rising competition from other platforms like YouTube and Kick​.

Key Highlights:

  • Twitch announced streamers can now simulcast on any streaming platform.
  • The move is aimed at retaining creators who have been lured by non-exclusive deals from competitors like YouTube and Kick.
  • Twitch’s new guidelines still emphasize a quality user experience on its platform, detailing certain restrictions to ensure community engagement on Twitch remains robust​​.

Twitch announces new features including stream summary enabling raids on mobile devices new moderation tools and more

The announcement was made by Twitch CEO, Dan Clancy, during TwitchCon 2023, signaling a significant policy shift. Previously, Twitch had banned all streamers from multi-streaming to similar platforms earlier in 2023, but this change showcases a more flexible approach in tune with the contemporary content creation landscape​.

Twitch’s Competitive Landscape:

The online streaming domain has become fiercely competitive, with platforms vying for the top content creators. Twitch, once the go-to platform for streamers, has seen a migration of popular streamers like xQc, Amouranth, and Nickmercs to rival platform Kick, mainly due to the restrictive multi-streaming rules which hindered creators from simulcasting on other platforms​​.

New Guidelines for Simulcasting:

The new guidelines stipulate that while streamers can simulcast, the quality of the Twitch user’s experience should not be compromised. Streamers are urged not to direct their community to leave Twitch for other platforms and are prohibited from using third-party services that merge activities from different platforms during a simulcast on Twitch​​.

Implications for Content Creators:

This policy amendment opens up a realm of possibilities for content creators, who can now extend their reach to audiences on multiple platforms without any contractual hindrances from Twitch. It also places Twitch in a more competitive stance against other platforms, allowing it to retain and possibly regain some of its lost star creators.

The relaxation of multi-stream rules by Twitch is a strategic move to remain competitive and relevant in the fast-evolving digital streaming industry. With platforms like YouTube and Kick offering non-exclusive deals, Twitch’s revised guidelines aim to strike a balance between retaining its community engagement ethos while adapting to the new norms of content creation and broadcasting.

Twitch’s decision to relax multi-streaming rules comes as a fresh breath of air in the digital broadcasting ecosystem. By embracing a more open approach, Twitch not only provides more freedom to its creators but also positions itself strongly in the competitive streaming market.


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