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Nokia 5, Nokia 8 gets price cut in India

Nokia 5, Nokia 8 gets price cut in India

Here is something that Nokia fans can really rejoice about – prices of both the Nokia 5 and Nokia 8 has just been provided a generous discount in India.

To start with the mid-range Nokia 5, the phone can now be picked up for Rs 12,499, which is Rs 1,000 less than its usual price of Rs 13,499. The discount is a more massive Rs 8,000 for the flagship Nokia 8 which is now available for a lot more affordable Rs 28,999. The phone, when launched, commanded a Rs 36,999 price tag.

The revised prices are set to be effective from Feb. itself. As IBT reported, both the phones are selling for reduced rates in the offline market. The same applies to Amazon as well though for reasons unknown, Flipkart continues to show the old price.

Nokia, or rather HMD Global that currently holds the right to the Nokia brand worldwide hasn’t stated what made them to discount the phones though the reason isn’t too hard to guess either. With the Mobile World Congress event just round the corner, HMD Global is reported to be preparing to launch the next gen Nokia 9 which will serve as the new flagship.

Further, even though India has traditionally been a happy hunting ground for Nokia, its latest phones so far have not been able to create the sort of excitement its predecessors were known for. That again is least surprising considering that the phones Nokia have come up with so far all lacked the oomph factor that its competitors are never short of.

Take for instance even the top of the line Nokia 8. The phone comes with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect of a top of the line Android phone. That includes a Snapdragon 835 chipset working in tandem with a 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of ROM. A 3090mAh battery ensured things kept running while compatibility with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging ensured you toped on juice fairly quickly.

The Nokia 8 also lived up to the company’s image for having excellent camera capabilities and offers twin rear cams as well. Then there is the 5.3-inch quad HD IPS display upfront fortified with Gorilla Glass 5.

All so well but the one thing that severely hampers Nokia 8’s prospects is its design that looks so dated in this age of bezel-less displays. While the sides lack any bezels, the same along the top and bottom make it look like it is meant for 2015 or so. All of it makes us wonder if there will be enough buyers for the phone even at the reduced rates.

Meanwhile, it will be highly interesting to see what Nokia has in store for us in 2018. Maybe it will finally catch up with the rest and offer us something really exciting.