HMD Global prepping a Nokia handset having 5 camera lenses: Report

HMD Global is expected to launch a new Nokia smartphone having a penta-lens primary camera setup in the first half of 2018. Key sources have cited a Foxconn employee adding that the alleged handset with five camera lenses on its back is likely to enter mass production by mid-2018.

The alleged Nokia handset will get seven circular cut-outs on its back, five for the camera lenses while the other two will be for LED flashlights. The report further notes that the penta-lens camera setup at the handset’s back will look akin to the circular camera setup found on the Lumia 1020.

A blueprint of the patent was also leaked on Chinese search engine Baidu, giving us a better idea of the penta-lens camera setup. Going by the leaked sketch, we can see a large circular cut out on the upper side of the phone’s back, accompanied by a rather small circular cut out in the middle. In addition, we can see six smaller circular cut-outs surrounding the ring in the centre. According to sources, five of these circular cut-outs will house the lenses, while the other two circular slots are for the LED flash.

To recall, Zeiss and Nokia’s parent company HMD Global joined hands last year to research and develop cameras for Nokia-branded handsets. And the design of leaked sketch apparently falls in line with Zeiss’s newly patented Miniature camera zoom design. – which includes multiple lenses arranged in a circular layout, which can also be rotated.

Sources also suggest that the alleged Nokia handset (purportedly called the Nokia 10) with a penta-lens camera setup is expected to enter mass production by mid-2018, therofore, it could officially launch in the market in the first half of 2018.

To add fire to this rumor, HMD Global’s Product officer Sarvikas also tweeted recently that something “awesome” is coming at the MWC 2018 event scheduled for February 25.

That being said, nothing is official at the moment and until we get an update from the company, this piece of information should be taken with a pinch of salt.