Flipkart has made changes to its returns policy that appears to restrict refunds on a range of popular items, clarifying ambiguities and ensuring a more customer friendly system. Items such as books, home decor, and fashion products are also now clearly covered.

Up until last week, the website clearly said that items such as mobile phones, furniture, and air conditioners are not included in the returns. It states no such thing anymore.

The website also adds, “Possible resolution could be Replacement, Exchange (only for Apparel and Footwear) or Refund in case we are unable to provide a Replacement/Exchange.”

The refund policy says that refunds will be allowed when:

– The seller cannot provide a replacement.
– When a dispute has been ruled in your favor.

There have been a lot of confusion about Flipkart’s return policy, lately, to which a spokesperson from the company said that it is as consumer friendly as they get.

The common idea about Flipkart‘s return policy is that it is convenient and seamless. Customers can request refunds from over 1000 categories on the e-commerce website.

The website has made a lot of revenue from its offers such as returns and exchange. Offering huge discounts and payoffs seems to be working in a huge way.