Nintendo Unleashes Speedrunning Challenge with NES Collection on Switch Nintendo Unleashes Speedrunning Challenge with NES Collection on Switch

Nintendo Unleashes Speedrunning Challenge with NES Collection on Switch

Discover the thrill of Nintendo’s new NES collection on Switch, designed for speedrunning with over 150 challenges from classic NES games. A perfect blend of nostalgia and competitive gaming.

Nintendo has taken a nostalgic leap with its latest offering, the “Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition” for the Nintendo Switch. This innovative collection caters specifically to the speedrunning community, bringing a competitive twist to beloved NES classics.

Overview of the NES Collection

The “Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition” draws inspiration from the historical 1990 competition, evoking a bygone era of gaming challenges. The collection has been designed to test players’ skills through a series of speedrunning challenges across various NES games. This modern incarnation includes over 150 challenges from 13 iconic NES games, providing a substantial playground for both novice and veteran speedrunners​.

Speedrunning: A Core Feature

Speedrunning, the art of completing a game as quickly as possible, is the focal point of this collection. Each game within the collection includes specific challenges that require players to employ quick reflexes and strategic planning to complete tasks under time constraints. These might range from finishing a level without losing a life to achieving the highest score possible within a limited timeframe.

Features Designed for Speedrunning

Speedrunning, where players compete to complete games or sections of games in the fastest time possible, is the central focus of this edition. Players can engage in tailored challenges that might include defeating enemies within a time limit, completing levels without losing a life, or achieving high scores under competitive conditions. The design seems to echo the structure of the NES Remix series, which was well-received for its inventive reimagining of classic gameplay​.

Game Availability and Pricing

Set to be available both as a digital download and potentially as a physical release, “Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition” is priced at $30. This edition promises to bring both old-school gamers and newcomers a fresh look at what made NES games enduring classics​​.

Anticipation and Community Response

The announcement of this collection has sparked excitement within the gaming community, reminiscent of the reception to the NES Remix series on the Wii U and 3DS. Those games also featured similar speedrunning and challenge-based gameplay, which were met with enthusiastic reception for their creative approach to classic titles​​.

Nintendo’s strategic focus on speedrunning with the NES collection not only honors its rich gaming heritage but also taps into the growing competitive speedrunning scene. This move could potentially attract a new generation of gamers who relish the challenge of beating games as quickly as possible, while also appealing to nostalgic players looking to relive their early gaming experiences in a new competitive format.

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