Netflix Ends Grandfathered Accounts’ Access to Apple iTunes Billing

Netflix ends grandfathered accounts

Netflix, the global streaming giant, has officially ceased allowing grandfathered accounts to use Apple iTunes as a payment method. This strategic shift marks a significant change for users who have been leveraging Apple’s billing system to manage their Netflix subscriptions. The move is part of Netflix’s broader strategy to streamline its billing practices and encourage direct subscriptions through its platform.

Key Highlights:

  • Netflix billing through Apple is no longer available for new or rejoining members.
  • Existing members billed by Apple in select countries are prompted to update their payment method to continue their subscription.
  • Apple-billed subscriptions renew automatically, with potential charges occurring up to 24 hours before the subscription period starts.
  • Members can no longer redeem Netflix gift cards or promotional offers if their account is Apple-billed.
  • To change billing methods or plans, users must first cancel their Netflix subscription through Apple and then rejoin with a new payment method​​.

Netflix ends grandfathered accounts

A Shift in Strategy

The decision to phase out Apple iTunes billing for Netflix subscriptions is indicative of the streaming service’s efforts to gain greater control over its subscription revenue and customer relationships. By directing users to subscribe directly through Netflix, the company can avoid the fees associated with billing through Apple’s platform. This move is also aligned with Netflix’s broader efforts to consolidate its billing systems and provide a more streamlined user experience.

Impact on Subscribers

For subscribers who have been using Apple to pay for their Netflix subscription, this change necessitates an update in their billing preferences. Subscribers in select countries are now required to choose an alternative payment method directly through Netflix’s platform. This transition aims to ensure a seamless continuation of service without interruption.

How to Update Your Payment Method

Netflix provides clear guidance for subscribers affected by this change. Users are advised to check the Membership and Billing section of their Netflix account page to determine if they are billed through Apple. To update their billing information, members need to follow specific steps outlined by Netflix, including signing into their account and selecting a new payment method. It’s important to note that Netflix gift cards cannot be used to restart accounts previously billed through Apple​​.

Changes to Plan Management

The update also affects how subscribers can manage their Netflix plans. Plan changes, including upgrades or downgrades, now require users to cancel their subscription through Apple before making any adjustments. This process ensures that users can smoothly transition to a direct billing method with Netflix, allowing for immediate plan changes without reverting to Apple billing​​.

A Step Toward Direct Relationships

Netflix’s decision to end grandfathered access to Apple iTunes billing is a significant step towards fostering direct relationships with its subscribers. By eliminating intermediaries in the billing process, Netflix aims to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency. This move is reflective of the broader industry trend where digital service providers seek to establish more direct engagement with their users.


Netflix’s shift away from Apple iTunes billing for grandfathered accounts underscores the streaming service’s commitment to direct subscriber engagement and revenue management. While this transition requires some users to update their payment methods, it ultimately serves Netflix’s goal of streamlining its subscription model. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, such strategic adjustments are pivotal for Netflix to maintain its competitive edge and provide users with the best possible service.


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