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Namotel Achhe Din Rs. 99 Smartphone announced with cash-on-delivery option

A new company based out in Bengaluru has just announced a new smartphone Namotel Achhe Din for Rs. 99 only. The new phone was initially priced at Rs. 2,999 but company has just slashed its price to Rs. 99. The smartphone is now available for pre booking on their official website www.namotel.com.

Another company just like Ringing bell come to existence and claims to be the cheapest smartphone ever. Here are some points you need to know about Namotel Achhe din.


Sound suspicious:

Just like the company Freedom 251 also claimed as the cheapest smartphone in Rs. 251 but end of the day the people booked the smartphone are still waiting to get it delivered. The people who paid for the smartphone haven’t got any refund also.

Online Booking:

The Company Namotel also prepared its website for booking the Achhe din smartphone. There is a little twist in the booking procedure that you need to provide them your aadhar card and one photo. This could be also scam to fool people that the company is attached to government.

More products from the company Namotel:

Namotel is also offering four smartphones other than Achhe din:

Aazadi: Rs. 1,999

F-power: Rs 4,999

UTH Shine: Rs 11,999

VVIP: Rs. 19,999

Actual Price:

If you think the price is just Rs. 99 then you should know that the phone can only be available through COD option and before buying you need to pay a registration fee Rs 199 and the shipping cost is Rs 150 which makes this phone a Rs 448 product now the smartphone seems costlier than Freedom 251.

NamoTel Rs.99 Smartphone Specifications:

The specs of the Achhe din smartphone are better than Freedom 251 (if Achhe din is real):

  • 1GB RAM+ 4GB ROM
  • 3G smartphone
  • 1325 mAh BATTERY


If I were you I won’t be even think of registering for this smartphone because the company is asking for your Aadhar card number and photo so it could be a possibility of identity theft.

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