Motorola Moto Z and Moto Mods: Everything you should know

Modular smartphones era had begun, and we are living right into it. If you don’t believe me, then read this whole article and get to know by yourself.

Motorola Moto Z is not just another modular smartphone; it’s a masterpiece! A beautiful device with an ability to transform into a projector or portable speaker just by snapping a mod at the back of it. Motorola calls these modules – Moto Mods. These Moto mods seem limited to one mod at a time, but Motorola got some plans.

Motorola Moto Z

Motorola Moto Z is the first true modular smartphone with one module at a time limitations. You can snap one module at a time and to add another module, you need to remove the previous module. Moto Z smartphone comes with some exposed connectors at the back of the smartphone. These connectors are the USB connectors to connect module with the smartphone. I didn’t like the project until Motorola released MDK – Moto mods Development Kit.

Moto Mods


Moto Mods are the modules which you can snap at the back of Moto Z smartphone to completely change the look or functionality. These Moto Mods are magnetic on the surface and easily stick to the back of the device. You just need to pull it gently to remove the mod. Moto Mods comes with its battery backup and lasts according to the functionality of the mod.

You don’t need to carry a power bank with this device; you just need to carry a small module. When you are in need of extra power, just snap on the battery module and use your smartphone for a little longer. Or if you are at a party, you can groove at the beats by adding JBL speakers module or share some memories with friends using the projector mod.

MDK – Moto Mods Development Kit

When I saw the Motorola Moto Z leak video, it makes me think about the Project Ara from Google. I was disappointed with the one module at a time concept of Moto Z smartphones. But when Lenovo (previously Google) revealed the Moto Mods in the event, it totally changed the design (in my brain) of Moto Mods.


LG came out with a so-called modular smartphone LG G5, which is also with a concept of one module at a time. You need to do much more to change modules in LG G5; the biggest drawback is that you need to power off the smartphone to replace the module. Motorola totally changed the concept of switching the module from ejecting to snap off.

Whenever a Modular technology hits the market or shows existence, everyone is like – Who will create modules for this? The same question strike me too! Motorola strikes back harder with the answer. “You” are the answer to that question; Motorola revealed the MDK – Moto mods Development Kit. If you know some electronics and coding, you can create a module for your Moto Z. Do you want another display at the back of the phone? Or your name rolling on LED matrix at the back of the phone? Create it! There are unlimited possibilities to create a Moto Mod. You can even connect a Raspberry Pi to it and create some awesome hacking machine.

MDK includes one Moto mod with a perforated board and some more important components. You also need MDKUtility app to control your Moto mod from the phone which you can download from Google Play Store (not available right now). The most important part of the Moto mod development kit is the Moto Z smartphone itself. You need to buy one so you can test your mod if it is working or not.

With Moto mods Development Kit, the sky is the limit. You can create endless mods and use it as per your need. Motorola will soon launch a forum for Moto Mod developers, you can register here for more updated about Moto Mods.