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Microsoft Windows 10 Surface Phone rumors points to early 2017 release date

Microsoft has reportedly teased few prototype images of the upcoming Windows 10 Surface Phone placeholders inside Microsoft Building 88 in Redmond. Recently, Shubhan Chemburkar, an app developer based in Pune, India shared on Twitter few images which he captured when he was inside Building 88 during his visit to Microsoft headquarters.

Initially, Chemburkar uploaded an image of the Surface device with the marking 2017 along with the keyboard. However, we could see gaps between tablet and keyboard in three images. He also posted a comment with the message “Coming soon! In the #surface building @bdsams”.

Immediately, Sams reverted back and asked the place he captured the images and the reply were “Building 88 in Redmond”. He also shared a single picture which looked like a brownish wall with several Surface devices with the caption 2016, 2017. However, in one image, we saw the home screen of Windows 10 with the tablet docked to the keyboard. However, we expect it to be that of the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 2. We also spotted two more images on the top but they are not visible.

Upcoming Devices: 10 Surface devices, 2 accessories

Meanwhile, a popular tech portal has shared a full glimpse of the image which showcased as many as 10 Surface devices and 2 accessories reportedly that of the upcoming Surface pen. There is also a printed content with the heading “Microsoft Hardware”. If you look at the images closely, you will be able to view that the images are pasted behind the glass.

After careful examination of the images, we infer that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will probably provide support for 3G/4G cellular in addition to Wi-Fi. This is because the displayed image prototypes look larger than the upcoming Surface Phone. However, Microsoft has not officially revealed that the displayed images are actuals of the upcoming four new Surface devices.

Microsoft Surface Phone Specs: 8GB RAM, Intel KabyLake processor

On the specifications front, the Surface Phone is expected to be available in both 5-inch and 5.5-inch variants with 8GB RAM with a wide range of internal storage capacities starting at 32GB and going up to 512GB. There are rumors that the device will be powered by Intel KabyLake processor.

We expect the announcement of the Surface Phone in January along with the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 5 with the availability by the end of Q1 2017.

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