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Microsoft Windows 10 event: 5 major announcements you shouldn’t miss

Microsoft at its Windows 10 launch event announced the launch of Surface Studio all-in-one desktop, an upgraded Surface Book in addition to another Windows 10 update. According to sources, the new update will hit the systems the upcoming spring. In this article, we will examine all the gadgets announced during the Windows 10 launch event.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft Surface Studio features a massive 28-inch touchscreen display with a wide color gamut and 13.5 million pixels. According to Microsoft, the gamut is 63 percent more than 4K. You can either tilt the display like a normal display or can pivot downwards to act as a drawing board. It is also possible to make use of the Surface Pen to draw directly on the screen in apps like Photoshop.

Microsoft Surface Dial, to be used in conjunction with Surface Studio is designed for video and audio editors including graphical artists. You can turn it to scroll through timelines or tap it directly to work with tools such as color picker. Microsoft Surface Studio is priced at $2999 and will be available in limited quantities.

Microsoft Surface Book

Microsoft Surface Book features an Intel Core i7 processor and a larger battery. According to sources, the new Surface Book has an ability to deliver up to 16 hours of battery life. The new Surface Book will be available starting at $2399. The base model will cost $1499 and is available for pre-orders. For 256GB, you will have to pay #2399. The 1TB storage variant will cost $3299. The new Surface Book will hit retail stores in the US on November 10.

Creators update

Microsoft announced a new Windows 10 update codenamed as “Creators Update“. The update will add a wide range of new features aimed at getting creative work done, particularly involving 3D. The classic Windows app Paint is getting a massive reboot with support for 3D objects. Microsoft demonstrated the feature by using a camera app to 3D scan a sand castle on the stage.

The company also established a partnership with SketchUp to create a library of 3D models. You can import into a ton of apps like Paint 3D and PowerPoint. It is possible to upload your objects including Minecraft creations. It is also possible to 3D print the models you find or create. The creator’s update will add a People bar to Windows 10, which helps you to access most frequent contacts.

Windows-Compatible Standalone VR Headsets

Microsoft released Windows-centric standalone Virtual Reality headsets starting at $299. Microsoft will establish partnerships with HP, Dell, Lenovo, and ASUS to manufacture the headsets. The new headset will not be the same as Holo Lens technology but will be a cheaper alternative.

Native streaming of games

Microsoft will update Windows 10 and Xbox with native game streaming support in association with Beam. You will be able to start a live broadcast directly from the Xbox One or the Xbox app on Windows. As a gamer, you can play your tournaments and share them on Xbox Live.

Microsoft has launched a wide range of products at the Windows 10 event. However, the pricing and availability in countries like India are still a matter of concern. Even if the newly launched products are launched in India, it will not be affordable for common tech geeks.


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