Project Tango has been around the block for quite some time now but lately, the news on it has been scarce since the first prototype was released back in 2014. A few days ago, word broke out that the new launch from this project will be Lenovo PHAB2 Pro.

The device is said to have a big 6.4-inch display. The back clearly shows the Project Tango branding along with Lenovo’s logo below it. Near the top and bottom, one can see two antenna bands, which are becoming increasingly gaining popularity these days.

Less than 24 hours before the launch of the device at Tech World 2016, Steve Hemmerstoffer (@oneleaks on Twitter) posted two pictures.


The other device set to be launched at this event by the company is the much awaited Moto Z. This is the refreshed version of the flagship phone Moto X and has been through a series of leaks in the past few months. Moto Mods have been resurfacing from time to time.

These leaks have maintained a steady interest for Moto Z with a new take on modular design. Lenovo Project Tango was one of the earliest of the devices, created in conjunction with Google for 3D-depth sensing capabilities with the help of the rear camera of a phone.

Despite these leaks, what gathers the most interest right before this launch is the new Moto Razr. Despite the company’s complete denial, rumors keep ringing in hopes that the snazzy flip phone will make a comeback. If it comes with all the Android features incorporated and new processor, it could kill all its competitors in no time. Unfortunately, there has been no credible source of these rumors, and the company has denied it, so there isn’t much hope here.