Chinese tech giant LeEco plans US entry in three months

LeEco has become quite a sensation in China with their online contents, devices, and applications. After entering the Indian subcontinent right in the beginning of this year, the technology and media powerhouse is now preparing to set its foot in the North America and the USA.

According to a leaked official memorandum composed by Jia Yueting, Chairman and CEO of LeEco, the technology company is said to be launching in the US in about three months. CNET claims having LeEco’s confirmation regarding a plan to establish a media content service in addition to bringing its devices to America.

Often termed as the “Netflix of China”, the company originated as China’s biggest online video streaming service. LeEco has numerous industries under its hood which includes LeTV Music, LeTV Sports, Smart TV, LeEco Mobiles, LeTV Cloud Computing and even a driverless car.

Already an office set up in Redwood, California, there have been numerous speculations right from 2015 about LeEco entering the American market.

LeEco product offerings:

This year in the month of April, we saw an all-electric concept car from LeEco in collaboration with Aston Martin. LeEco, previously known as LeTV was the one of the first to make smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 820 (LeTV Le Max Pro) and with the all new USB Type-C port (Le 1 Pro).

Will LeEco Succeed in the US?

Nevertheless, it will be not easy for LeEco to penetrate the US market hugely dominated by the cellular carriers. Regardless of having a massive $14.6 billion worth market capitalization, it will have to contest with brands like Apple, Samsung and Google which have their supremacy in the American market. LeEco will also face steep competition from other brands from China like OnePlus and Xiaomi, which have similar aspirations in America.