Key Tesla Cybertruck Executive Departs for Rivian Amidst Production Delays Key Tesla Cybertruck Executive Departs for Rivian Amidst Production Delays

Key Tesla Cybertruck Executive Departs for Rivian Amidst Production Delays

Tesla faces a setback as Cybertruck supply chain leader Mustapha El Akkari departs for rival Rivian amidst key production phases.

Tesla’s journey toward launching the much-anticipated Cybertruck has hit another snag as Mustapha El Akkari, a crucial executive overseeing the supply chain for the electric truck, has left the company. El Akkari, who had been instrumental in managing Tesla’s raw materials procurement, has moved to Rivian, Tesla’s competitor in the electric vehicle market.

Details of the Departure

Mustapha El Akkari served as the group manager of raw materials at Tesla for over four years, during which he managed significant spending on raw materials essential for Tesla’s production, including the Cybertruck. His departure to Rivian, where he will take on the role of senior director of structures and raw materials, marks a significant loss for Tesla. This move comes at a critical time when Tesla is gearing up for the Cybertruck’s production, planned to start later this year​​.

Impact on Tesla and Cybertruck Production

El Akkari’s exit is part of a larger trend of high-level departures from Tesla, which includes other key personnel like Drew Baglino, senior vice president for powertrain and energy engineering. These departures are set against the backdrop of broader layoffs affecting about 10% of Tesla’s workforce, as the company navigates through challenges posed by economic downturns and shifts in the electric vehicle market​​.

Future of Tesla’s Cybertruck

Despite these setbacks, Tesla is pushing forward with its plans for the Cybertruck. The company aims to host a delivery event for the vehicle and commence production this summer. However, full-scale volume production is not expected to begin until 2024. Elon Musk has described the Cybertruck as a radically different product, pointing out that its unique manufacturing requirements contribute to production delays​.

As Tesla prepares to finally launch the Cybertruck, the loss of a key executive could pose additional challenges in managing its complex supply chain. However, the company remains committed to overcoming these hurdles and bringing the innovative electric truck to the market. The automotive industry will closely watch how these changes affect Tesla’s timelines and its position in the competitive electric vehicle sector.

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